Past Chairmen - Dulverton Town Council 2022

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Past Chairmen
A picture of a board containing a list of past chairmen of Dulverton Town Council
25th April 1895
A.C.E. Locke
May  1896
B Bagley
15th April 1910
G.B. Fisher
16th  April 1913
J. Fry
14th March 1914
C. Bale
22nd April 1919
T. Uppington
19th April 1923
F. Wood
20th April 1925
S.T. Heywood
23rd April 1928
A.J. German
19th April 1929
J. Squire
22nd April 1930
F.R German
17th April 1931
J. Fry
18th April 1932
C. Parkhouse
21st April 1933
S.T. Heywood
13th April 1934
A.J German
16th April 1935
20th April 1937
S.T. Heywood
22nd April 1938
A.J. German
18th April 1940
G.H. Fisher
22nd April 1941
G.F. Denning
21st  April 1943
S.J. Westcott
25th April 1945
W.G. Bryant
17th April 1946
S.J. Westcott
31st May 1950
W.G. Bryant
11th May 1981
K.J. Ross
14th May 1984
M. Gammon
9th May 1988
F. Pooley
12th December 1988
M. Balsom
11th May 1995
P. Skipper
14th January 2002
C.G. Nelder
12th May 2013
N. Thwaites
8th May 2017
G.W. Lewis
9th August 2021
Telephone: 01398 324561
2a Lady Street Dulverton TA22 9BZ
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