Bill Gash - Dulverton Town Council 2022

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Bill has the following Committee and other responsibilites:

Member of the Planning Committee
Member of the Grounds Committee
This is a picture of Councillor Bill Gash
Bill Gash

I joined the council in 2021 after being a resident of Dulverton for many  years. My parents first introduced me to the town as a child and then as a  teenager when they bought a home here. Later my wife Jane and I made Dulverton  home for our own family and we live on Jury Road.

After a busy career in the media, publishing and digital service  industries, I now provide consulting services and have long been an advocate of  working from home. I campaigned to get BT to enable broadband in Dulverton as  far back as 2005.

I believe in the value of community and have contributed to the town as a  member of All Saints Church PCC, the Dulverton & Brushford Tennis Club and  through organising events such as the Dulverton Fete and the Mens' Breakfast. I  believe we have to work to make our town prosperous and content, while  preserving what makes it so special to residents and to visitors.

Telephone: 01398 324561
2a Lady Street Dulverton TA22 9BZ
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