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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

DTC Minutes of Town Management Meeting - 7th December 2017

Nov 30 2017

Minutes of the Town Management Committee meetingheld on 7th December 2017 commencing at 4.15pm, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present: Chairman: Mr Ian Fleming; Councillors: Mrs Christine Dubery, Mrs Margaret Rawle and Mr Piers Wood.

Apologies:Mr Nick Thwaites who was attending an W.S.C. meeting and Miss Hattie Sloggett who failed to receive an agenda.

Deferment of business for comment by the public:None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Mrs Margaret Rawle with regards Battleton.

Matters Arising:

War Memorial

The slabs are proving slippery and there exist issues considering the surrounding grass.

Cllr Fleming proposed that Mr Beckford is requested to attend a site meeting when he will be requested to repoint the memorial at a cost of approx. £350.00 and discuss options concerning the slabs and surrounding grass.

Car Park Signage:

Cllrs. Mr Piers Wood and Ian Fleming have ascertained that further signage would be useful to direct visitors into the Exmoor House Car Park, to be placed outside Stanbury’s, opposite the The Bridge. Cllr. Wood agreed to draw up a plan and write a letter of explanation etc. To be agreed and forward onto County Highways by the Clerk.


The defibrillator is now working. It was agreed that signage/flyer is produced informing residents and traders where the defibrillator is located and that it is available for public use.

Rat Infestation:

The Clerk provided details of a report received from ExePest concerning the current situation regarding rat problems.

Mr Hutton has been baiting the bins since mid-September. A couple of sightings of rodents in Bank Square and by the toilets have been reported since the end of summer.

There exists a considerable problem at the river bank near the vets, which is being dealt with discreetly in a garden nearby. Both the bins near the bridge opposite the fire-station have ongoing issues.

The Tantivy and Town Hall bins seem to be untouched. The Post Office bin is still being baited and has regular takes.

There does exist a problem in some of the businesses properties in the High Street but unfortunately the owners have not been prepared to co-operate, maintaining that it is the responsibility of the Town Council.

Whilst the rodent problems are on the increase Mr Sutton has managed to get some help from a friend who works in Dulverton to cover the mole traps. He considers that it might be worth placing some additional trap boxes around the Town if he is able to obtain some co-operation from residents.

The Clerk was requested to produce article for the Dulverton Voice explain what the Town has done in an effort to combat the problem and request the co-operation of residents and traders. Furthermore Cllr. Sloggett has agreed to raise the issue with the Traders Association.

In the event that specific problems are identified the Clerk has been requested to write to the property owners concerned and forward a copy of the letter onto W.S.C. Environmental Health.

Weed Spraying:

Despite considerable efforts by Cllr. Fleming only one quote has been received, which was from Complete Weed Control amounting to £96.00 per treatment. All relative certificates and risk assessments have also been submitted.

RESOLVED: To accept the quote from Complete Weed Control amounting to £96.00 per treatment. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.

Dulverton Map & Council Notice Board Placement:

Ongoing issues are being dealt with by Cllr. Fleming.


Battleton – Residents Speed Awareness Initiative:

The Clerk gave members a report of the issues made to date. It was reported that the residents are not prepared to set up a speed watch campaign as it is not considered effective.

Cllr. Rawle suggested that the 20mph is extended through Battleton as proposed by Cllr. Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.). Members also commented that the parking of vehicles along Battleton does exacerbate problems.

Members were informed that the speed indicator device will no longer be provided by S.C.C. as from 31st March 2018. At present the speeds recorded do not require intervention from S.C.C.

The Clerk was asked to express an interest on behalf of DTC to S.C.C. with regards making a regular financial contribution towards the future installation costs.

The Paddocks – Yellow Lines:

It would appear that the yellow lines are not fit for purpose. Residents are still having problems exiting arch way. Photographic evidence has been made available.

The Clerk was requested to contact West Somerset County Highways requesting that the situation is reviewed.


SSE – Lion Public Toilet Facilities, Electricity Supply:Cllr Fleming to take a meter reading

and then, with the Clerk, undertake a business comparison with a other providers.

Matters to Report with permission of the Chairman:

Monmouth Terrace: At least four paving slabs/stones are loose or rocky and as direct result have caused potential accidents. This has been reported to S.C.C.

Members of this Committee cannot justify meeting the cost of sourcing, supplying or meeting the cost of relaying the path as requested by S.C.C., whose responsibility it still is.

Date of next meeting: To be determined.