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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

DTC Minutes of Meeting - 9th october 2017

Oct 02 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 9th October 2017, in the Town Hall, Fore Street Dulverton, commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Chairman/Mayor; Mr Gerry Lewis. Councillors:, Mrs Christine Dubery; Mr Keith Coulman; Mr Ian Fleming;Mrs Margaret Rawle; Cllr. Nick Thwaites (D.T.C. & W.S.C.), Miss Hattie Sloggett; Mr Piers Wood and 1 member of the public, Mr Winter, Secretary                     of the Squash Club.


Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public: None

Apologies: Mrs. Judy Ernest, Mrs Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.) and Mr Bruce Heywood (W.D.C.)

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Nick Thwaites with regards his position as District Councillor.

Cllrs. Mrs Christine Dubery and Mr Ian Fleming with regard the Sports Field Manangement Committee

Chairman’s Comments & Meeting Management:

The Chairman welcomed and introduced Miss Hattie Sloggett as a new member of the Council.

Item 11 is to be moved forward to Item 9.

Questions for County and District Councillors:

Cllr. Thwaites (W.S.C):

Oldberry Lane: The damaged road sign has been reported to W.S.C. by Cllr. Rawle.

Kemps Way: Members were informed the directional arrows guiding motorists around the Lorna Doone statue were painted today as was the yellow line, as requested.

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th September 2017 as circulated: were approved and signed. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.

6225 Update of action points resulting from the last meeting:

Cllr. Mrs Margaret Rawle requested the opportunity to respond to the remark made by Mr Les Silverlock at the last meeting regarding his suggestion that if DTC wished the public to participate in meetings the process needed to be made more accessible and friendly.

Cllr. Rawle made the following statement:

“As I was not present at the last Town Council meeting I wish now to take issue with Mr Silverlocks’ statement that he ‘felt intimidated’ when attending Dulverton Town Council meetings etc.

Over the many years I have served on this Council it has always welcomed and encouraged public participation within the ‘standing orders’ governing the management of meetings. In fact on many occasions the regulations have been relaxed to allow more time for the public to have their say, and provide the opportunity to respond to questions when the relevant issue is being debated by members. In my experience the Chairman exercises far more flexibility than exists in many other local authority meetings. I therefore wish it minuted that I consider Mr Silverlock’s comments to be unfair and incorrect”.



6217 W.S.C. Car Parks:

The Chairman reported to members that he, accompanied by Cllrs. Mrs Judy Ernest and Mr Keith Coulman, attended the W.S.C. Meeting held on 20th September 2017 during which the proposed amendment to the Traffic Regulation Order was debated. Despite the presentation of strong arguments in opposition (by the Dulverton Town Council members and Cllr. Nick Thwaites (W.S.C.)) the proposal was resolved, twelve in favour, nine against.


6226 Accounts:


The Financial Statement: See Appendix A

RESOLVED: That the Financial Statement as per Appendix A is approved. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

Payments for Approval: See Appendix B

RESOLVED: That the payments as per Appendix B are approved. Proposed by Mrs Dubery,               seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.

The Clerk was requested to produce details of the the total expenditure accrued to date regarding the the refurbishment of All Saints Church Wall.

Farmers Market 2017: Members noted that it had not been necessary for the project to be underwritten. It has in fact made a substantial profit.

6227 Squash Club:

Cllr. Fleming commented that the Squash Club had made a considerable effort to raise the funds required to replace the roof and install a solar power unit which would provide a sustainable future for the club. Members also noted that the facilities are a community asset.

Mr Winter informed members that he anticipated costs will amount to £40,000, of which £6,000 has still to be raised.

Having considered a request for an award of £500, members:

RESOLVED: To award £1,000 under LGA 1976, Section 19. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Lewis and carried

6228 Committees:

     Minutes submitted for approval:

  1. Planning Committee meeting – 19th September 2017:

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 19th September 2017 are approved. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr Wood and carried.

Grounds Committee Meeting – 3rd October 2017

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 3rd October 2017 are approved. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mr Coulman and carried.

All Saints Church Yard – Retaining Wall Refurbishment: Cllr Thwaites informed members that the work had passed the final inspection, however the Surveyor has pointed put the existence of two dumpy bags of debris and the existence of exposed stones in the grass. The Grounds Committee will determine what further action is to be taken


Somerset Playing Fields Annual Awards: Mr Fleming drew members attention to the awards presented to DTC as follows:

  • Kings Corner – Bronze Award
  • Sports Field – Commendation
  • Barnsclose - Commendation

Congratulations and thanks were extended to Mr Takel and all those who have contributed to the exellent maintence of the grounds.

Town Management Committee: 5th October 2017

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Town Management Committee meeting held on 5th October 2017are approved. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Wood and carried.  

Cllr. Fleming commented that he was hopeful that the defibrillator would be finally installed during the week.

6229 Committee Membership:

The Chairman informed members that he had decided not to pursue his intension to create a Chairmans Committee.

RESOLVED: To appoint Miss Hattie Sloggett as a member of the Town Management committee. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.

6230 C.L.O.W.N.S.

RESOLVED: To award a grant for the financial year commencing 1st April 2018 as requested amounting to £250.00. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

6231 St Margaret’s Hospice:

Members agreed not to award a grant on this occasion.

6232 Lorna Doone Festival 2019:

A meeting/initial workshop and discussions took place at Exmoor House on 6th October 2017 and was attended by Cllrs. Mrs Judy Ernest and Mr Keith Coulman. Various diverse organisations have expressed an interest in taking part in the event. Funding will be required and it was anticipated that an approach to the Heritage Lottery Fund will be made. A co-ordinator is to be based at the Heritage Centre.

It was agreed that Cllr. Keith Coulman represent the Council with regards it’s future involvement in the proposed festival.

     6233 Late Correspondence:

Correspondence noted by members.

Ms. C. Maney – Parking Regulations & Democracy: Members thanked Mrs Maney for sight of her draft letter to be sent to the Free Press in response to the published letter from Cllr. Lewis.

Cllr. Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.) – Family Support Services Consultation: A response is to be discussed by members at the next meeting.


     6234 Questions for Members who have attended additional meetings:

Exmoor Panel Meeting - 12th September 2017: Attended by Cllrs. Mr Gerry Lewis and Mr Nick Thwaites. Cllr. Lewis took the opportunity to canvas other Parish/Town Councils with regards their experiences when working with W.S.C. Subsequently he has determined that a Chairman’s’ meeting would be beneficial.

     6235 Issues to be raised with permission of the Chairman:

Hinkley Point: Cllr. Nick Thwaites reminded members that had an invitation to visit the site on 30th October 2017. Cllrs. Mr Keith Coulman, Mr Ian Fleming and Miss Hattie Sloggett expressed an interest.

The Clerk reminded members that the next meeting scheduled for 13th November 2018 will be held in the Parish Rooms.

Chairman …………………………………………….