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Friday, June 22, 2018

DTC Minutes of Grounds Committee meeting - 7th September 2017

Aug 30 2017

Minutes of the Grounds Committee meetingheld on Thursday 7th September 2017 at 4.15pm, in the Town Council Office, Dulverton.

Present:Cllrs: Mrs Christine Dubery, Mrs Judy Ernest, Mr Ian Fleming and Mr Gerry Lewis.

Apologies: None

Declarations of Interests:

Cllrs. Mrs Christine Dubery and Mr Ian Fleming with regard the Sports Field

Matters Arising:

Abbots Way Pond:

The Clerk confirmed that Clarks Pond Maintenance had received the information obtained from the utility suppliers regarding the existence of apparatus in the vicinity of Abbots Way Pond. Currently a quote is being pursued from a groundworks specialist.

Play Equipment:

Kings Corner Recreation Ground: New cradle seats have been fitted and ‘U’ bolts replaced as necessary.

Barnsclose – Goalposts: Cllr. Fleming reported that one goal post amounts to approx. £400.00, including delivery costs. Cllr. Fleming to pursue.

All Saints Church Yard:

Specific Work Agreement 2018/19:

Members discussed the future maintenance requirements of the Church Yard. Advice to be sought with regards the cutting of the terraces.

It was agreed that tenders would be invited with regards next season.

Current Works: The excess soil and stone has been placed in accordance with the wishes of the P.C.C. and some top soil placed on top. Members expressed concern that the grass will not be able to be cut with the existing machinery due to the stones.

Various suggestions were proposed however it was finally agreed that a site meeting is arranged with Cllrs. Mr Nick Thwaites and Mrs Christine Dubery representing D.T.C., representatives from the P.C.C. and the Contractors, to discuss further action. Cllr. Thwaites agreed to arrange a mutually convenient time.

It was reported that the public footpath is to be resurfaced by S.C.C.

Grounds Service Agreement – 2018/19:

RESOLVED: To recommend to the Legal & Finance Committee that the hourly rate is increased to £12.00. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.

RESOLVED: To offer Mr Takel the work specification agreement as from 1st April 2018. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.


Parish Lengthsman Scheme – 2018/19:

RESOLVED: To recommend that the P/L is retained for the same hours for next season at an hourly rate of £12.00 per hour. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

Memorial Safety Policy:

It was agreed that the draft proposal as submitted by the Clerk is considered by the Policy & Procedure Committee.


Cemetery Maintenance Survey:

Cllr. Ernest is in the process of carrying out a survey concerning the current condition of the graves and memorials.

Sports Field:

Members were informed that in the event that the lease agreement terminates the properties built become the property of the Town Council. During the period of the lease the maintenance of the buildings are the responsibility of the individual clubs.

It was agreed that a letter of clarification/explanation is obtained from the solicitor.

Urgent maintenance issues with regards all other grounds with permission of the Chairman:

Grounds Machinery: The Clerk advised members that it will be necessary to consider the purchase of a mulcher in the event that the maintenance of Exmoor Lawns is undertaken.

Date of future meetings: Tuesday 3rd October 2017 commencing at 1.30pm.

Meeting Closed: 5.30pm