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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Minutes of Grounds Committee Meeting - 27th June 2017

Jun 20 2017

Minutes of the Grounds Committee meetingheld on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 2.00pm, in the Town Council Office, Dulverton.

Present:Cllrs: Mrs Christine Dubery, Mrs Judy Ernest, Mr Ian Fleming and Mr Gerry Lewis.

Apologies: None

Declarations of Interests:

Cllrs. Mrs Christine Dubery and Mr Ian Fleming with regard the Sports Field

Matters Arising:

Abbots Way Pond – Installation of a ‘monk trap’: Clerk requested to write to South West Water, Wessex Water and Western Power Distribution and obtain detail of any utilities in the area once a map and specification have been received from P. Clark & Son.

Sports Field:

Members considered the quotes received concerning the proposed fence repairs and consequently:

RESOLVED: To accept the quote for £480 (incl.VAT) from Mr Tony Haine. Proposed by Mrs Ernest, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.

Play Ground Inspections:

It was agreed that accompanied inspections would be carried out every three months by Cllr. Ernest until further committee members are appointed.

Next inspection will be carried out on 17th July.

Urgent maintenance issues with regards all other grounds with permission of the Chairman:

Church Yard: The Clerk reported that four cuts had been carried so far this season; however the rear of the Church Yard still requires attention. Mr Kenwood has managed his responsibilities with regard to the ongoing wall repairs.

He is undertaking a survey regarding the condition of all the trees in the church yard which will be available for member’s consideration at the next Grounds Committee meeting.

Cemetery: The Clerk reported that problems have arisen concerning the planting of shrubs etc. which have hindered the digging of adjacent graves. Members agreed that the area is surveyed by Mr Takel with regards the planting of shrubs and the levelling of graves etc. and where problems arise the owner is written to and requested to take action.

Members were informed that the cemetery gates and the shed have been painted.

Exmoor Lawns - Transfer of Assets:

Members considered the details of the proposals put forward by W.S.C. with regards the transfer of the asset. All members present approved the proposal to undertake the grass cutting responsibilities as shown in green. The legal fees, anticipated as being up to £1,500, are to be considered by the Legal & Finance Committee.

Date of future meetings: To be determined.

Meeting Closed: 2.45pm