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Thursday, May 24, 2018

DTC Minutes of Town Management Committee Meeting - 28th March 2017

Mar 23 2017


Minutes of the Town Management Committee meetingheld on 28th March 2017 commencing at 2.00pm, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present: Chairman: Mr Ian Fleming, Councillors: Mr Steve Ford, Mrs Margaret Rawle, Mr Nick Thwaites and Mrs Christine Dubery.

Deferment of business for comment by the public:None

Chairman’s Comments: None

Apologies: None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Nick Thwaites with regards his position as District Councillor.

Cllr. Steve Ford with regards his position on the P.C.C.

Matters Arising

Traffic Management:

  1. Kemps Way – A Traffic Regulation Order is still being pursued. The space for coach parking is to be retained.
  2. Dulverton 20mph Speed Limit – S.C.C. Feasibility Report
  3. The Paddocks – Access & Egress


Members consider that signs erected on poles would be the preferable option – Option 1.

(Construction of 7,500, design of 3,000).


A letter is to be sent to residents affected stating that in order to secure access to & from the car park behind it is intended to restrict parking by 6 meters opposite the arch in The Paddocks. Responses, if any, are to be received within a week.

Lion Stables Public Toilets:

Contracts have been signed and the searches are underway.

Members require that a Licence to operate the toilets must be issued before 31st March 2017. In the event that one is not issued the toilets will have to close as they cannot be legally managed by DTC. W.S.C. must be made aware that DTC have awarded contracts with regards cleaning and waste disposal as from 1st April 2017 and in the event that the Licence is not issued W.S.C. will be expected to meet the costs accrued.

Members agreed that a pay as you go phone is obtained to provide a number for emergencies. Cllr. Fleming agreed organise and be responsible for the phone.

A survey has been completed. The Velux windows only provide light for the room at the back. They will require changing within 5 years. Mr Fleming has therefore obtained several estimates to remove them and re-slate the roof at a cost of around £2,000 to be met by funds from the Sustainable Fund.

Exmoor Lawns - Transfer of Assets:

To be postponed for the immediate future.


Pete Hughes, PSPO Project Manager, W.S.C. – Public Spaces Protection Order


Charlotte Thomas, Historic Signpost Project Officer, ENPA – Project Update


Matters to Report with permission of the Chairman:

Defibrillator: Ready to be installed on return of the landlord of The Lion Hotel from holiday.

Hollam Drive: Residents have been informed that photographic evidence and resident pressure is necessary to encourage S.C.C. to consider the implementation of yellow lines at the junction of Hollam Drive and Jury Road.

Lion Car Park: The car park notices state that a fee must be paid from 8.00am but the Parking Order states 9.00am. The Clerk was requested to write requesting an amendment to the sign and a copy of the order issued in 2014 concerning the use of permits in the Lion Car Park.

Date of next meeting: To be advised.