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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

DTC Minutes of Ground Committee Meeting - 7th February 2017

Feb 14 2017


Minutes of the Grounds Committee meetingheld on Tuesday 7th February 2017 at 2.30pm, in the Town Council Office, Dulverton.

Present:Chairman:Mrs Christine Dubery, Cllrs: Mrs Judy Ernest, Mr Steve Ford;and Mrs Louise Parrish

Apologies: Mr Ian Fleming

Deferment of business for comment by the public.None

Declarations of Interest:  

Cllrs. Chris Dubery with regards the Sports Field.

     Cllr. Steve Ford with regards his positions as Church Warden.

Abbots Way Pond De-Silting:

The job should be completed this week. The stones on the island will be re-laid to improve it aesthetically.

Silt traps will require inspecting every 6 months and cleaned every year. The pond can only be limed every 4 years.

Members agreed that a small amount of the remaining silt can be distributed around the pond and re-seeded. Furthermore, investigations are to be made to see if some of the silt can be used as a soil enhancer. It is likely that the remainder will have to be removed from the site.

The concreate plinths do not require urgent attention.

The adjacent field, owned by Mr Ray Lupini, drains water and silt into the silt traps. Members agreed that Mr Clark is asked to inspect the silt traps in 6 months to see how much silt has collected. Furthermore, to check the main pipe feeding the pond, which will require some attention in the future.

Mr Takel is to be requested to inspect the traps on a regular basis.

The anticipated cost is unlikely to exceed the £799.90 estimated unless further means are necessary to remove excess silt.

Grounds Work Specification as from 1st April 2017:

Members considered the current job specification and requested several amendments with regards specific responsibilities concerning Abbots Way Pond and the care & maintenance of equipment.

Members recommend that the Mr Takel is offered the responsibility of continuing to maintain the grounds for the next financial year under the same conditions as this year.

All Saints Church Yard Work Specification as from 1st April 2017:

Members agreed that future consideration will be given to cutting the terraces with the same regularity as the rest of the grass proving that any extra costs incurred amount to no more than £200.

Members recommend that the Mr Kenwood is offered the responsibility of continuing to maintain the Church Yard for the next financial year under the same conditions as this year.

Urgent maintenance issues with regards all other grounds with permission of

the Chairman:

Cemetery Tree: Members considered a request from Cllr. Rawle who had been approached by Mr Gammon and requested to ask Council on his behalf that a recently felled tree be replaced somewhere in the cemetery.

The Clerk informed members that Mrs Spooner had failed to respond to requests for associated documents or the name and contact details of the ex-councillor who presumably could supply the Council with further relevant information. The minutes have been checked and there appears to be no reference to an agreement having been reached concerning the planting of a tree as a memorial. Members agreed that bearing in mind that Mrs Spooner has stated that she intends to seek legal advise it may not be prudent to respond in writing to a third party.

Members commented that although sorry that the action has caused some distress the decision was made in the best interests of the community as a whole.

Play Equipment Funding: Cllr. Parrish has ascertained that funding is available from ‘Sport for All’. She agreed to make further enquiries and report back to the Committee.

Date of future meetings: Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 2.30pm

Meeting Closed: 4.00pm