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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Minutes of Annual Meeting - 4th May 2016

Apr 25 2017

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on 4th May 2016 in the Town Hall, Fore Street, Dulverton commencing at 7.35pm.

PRESENT: Councillors: Mrs Christine Dubery; Mrs Judy Ernest; Mr Steve Ford: Mr Gerry Lewis; Mrs Louise Parish; Mrs Margaret Rawle and Mr Nick Thwaites

APOLOGIES: Cllrs. Mr Ian Fleming and Mr Mike Willison.

ELECTION OF MAYOR/ CHAIRMAN AND VICE CHAIRMAN: Mr Thwaites                 was proposed as Chairman by Mrs Ernest and seconded by Mrs Rawle. There were no other nominations. Mr Thwaites was elected unanimously.

Mrs Ernest was proposed as Vice- Chairman by Mrs Dubery and seconded by Mrs Rawle.

There were no other nominations. Mrs Ernest was elected unanimously.

MINUTES of the previous meeting as published on the website, were accepted and signed.

Proposed by Mr Ford, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.  


RESOLVED: To split the existing Grounds Committee responsibilities and create a Town Management Committee. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.


Committees: NB. Chairman & Vice Chairman ex-officio on all committees.

Planning and Conservation: Councillors: Mr Gerry Lewis, Mrs Louise Parrish, Mrs Margaret Rawle and Mr Mike Willison.


Grounds Committee:Councillors: Mrs Christine Dubery, Mr Steve Ford, Mrs Louise Parrish, Mr Nick Thwaites and Mr Mike Willison.


Town Management Committee: To be determined.


Legal & Finance:Councillors: Mr Nick Thwaites, Mr Gerry Lewis, Mrs Christine Dubery and Mrs Judy Ernest.

Policy & Procedures Review Committee: Mr Nick Thwaites, Mrs Judy Ernest and Mr. Gerry Lewis.

RESOLVED: To retain the current Committee membership as above, however, review at the meeting scheduled for 13th June 2013. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Thwaites and carried.

Outside Bodies:

Sport Field Management Committee:Councillor Mr Nick Thwaites  

Town Hall Management Committee: Councillor Mrs Louise Parrish

Farmers Market Organising Committee: Councillor Louise Parish


Dulverton Patient Group: Councillor Mrs Margaret Rawle.

       Exmoor Panel: Councillors Mrs Margaret Rawle and Mr Mike Willison.

        Exmoor Consultative & Parish Forum: To be delegated when notification received.


      Highways Warden & Parish Paths Liaison Officer: Councillors: Cllr Mrs Margaret Rawle.

         Parish Lengthsman Representative: Councillor Mr Ian Fleming.

Streamcombe Allotment Trustees: Continuing Trustees: Mrs Catherine Blundell, Mr Ian Fleming, Mr Bernie How, Mrs Margaret Rawle and Mr Keith Ross.

Youth Club: Councillor Judy Ernest

         S.A.L.C.: To be delegated as notification of meeting are received.

RESOLVED: To appoint Council representatives as above. Proposed by Mrs Dubery,

seconded by Mr Thwaites and carried.

MEETING CLOSED: 7.55pm