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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Minutes of Town Management Meeting - 8th November 2016

Nov 03 2016


Minutes of the Town Management Committee meetingheld on 8th November 2016 commencing at 10.30am, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present: Chairman: Mr Ian Fleming, Councillors: Cllrs: Mrs Margaret Rawle, Mrs Louise Parrish, Mr Mike Willison and Mr Nick Thwaites.

Deferment of business for comment by the public:

Mrs & Miss Gilpin – Hollam Drive/ Jury Road Parking Issues. Members were informed of the concerns of residents regarding the permanent parking of vehicles at this junction and the dangers posed to motorists mainly due to the lack of vision. The situation has recently greatly deteriorated. Particular emphasis was made with regarding the possible severe winter conditions and the increased risk.

The Chairman provided a brief synopsis of the efforts made to date by the Town Council and advised that the local residents are canvassed for their opinion and the results forwarded to the Clerk for members consideration.

Apologies: Cllrs: Mr Malcolm Neale and Mr Steve Ford.

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Nick Thwaites with regards his position as District Councillor.

Cllr. Mike Willison with regard their positions as Church Warden.

Matters Arising:

Traffic Management: Response has been received from Jo Sharpe.

Members noted that:

  • Northmoor Road – Proposed yellow lines: No comment was made with reference to the Ambulance Service.
  • Bridge Street, Union Street, Fore Street – Refurbishment of white lines: Work to refurbish the lines will be ordered in due course. The situation is to be monitored.
  • Union Street/High Street: Members accept that the junction does not meet the criteria for a stop notice.
  • Oldberry Lane – Yellow Lines: Members responded by stating that there are no properties that would be effected by the proposed parking restrictions. However it was questioned as to why yellow lines should be pursued and subsequently agreed not to make a formal request.
  • Exebridge HGV - Signage: Members noted that Exford/Winsford is not referred to on the existing signage which causes HGV’s to turn left at the Roundhouse and consequently drive through the centre of Town. A sign is required stating HGV access to Dulverton only. It was agreed that the issue is raised by Cllrs: Mrs Rawle and Mr Willison at the Exmoor Panel meeting tonight.

War Memorial: The War Memorial has been cleaned free of charge. Underlying problems still exist concerning the paving slabs on which it stands due to the effects of flood and some of the pointing has been washed out on the monument. A quote has been received from Mr Beckford and a further two quotes are being sourced.

Litter Bins: It was reported that the Operative has returned to work and is emptying the bins daily. There exist some bins stored in the cemetery. Any in reasonable condition will be used to replace the wire ones situated in the Town.

Lion Stables Public Toilets: To consider the ‘Heads of Terms’ as supplied by W.S.C.

Members agreed to the contents of the letter drafted by the Clerk (Appendix A) to Mr Sigh (Assistant Valuer, Asset Management, Taunton Deane) in response to his letter dated 21st October. Copies are to be sent to Cllrs. Mr Anthony Trollope-Bellew and Ms Mandy Chilcott, and Mr Tim Child (W.S.C. Asset Manager).   


Exmoor Lawns:Transfer of Assets:

Members considered the request from W.S.C.to produce a business case and give consideration to taking over current WSC grounds maintenance work.

Members are happy to proceed in principle with the transfer of asset on a freehold basis. DTC would be will to meet the cost of necessary tree work amounting to between £2,500 and £3,500. However, DTC does not have the appropriate equipment to carry out WSC grounds maintenance responsibilities. The re-cycling of green waste is also a problem.

DTC will review the situation at the next meeting once the outcome of the WSC Asset management meeting is reported.

   Correspondence: None

Matters to Report with permission of the Chairman:

The Tantivy has a contract with Kier CIC to collect business rubbish on a Monday, left for collection on Sunday night. Mr Clattworthy is attempting to re-negotiate with Kier CIC to come to a more suitable arrangement to alleviate the existing problems.

Finger Post – Leat Mill: The finger has been partially corrected moved, however the key has broken in the head of the Allen screw. Mr John Pugsley has kindly agreed to attempt to resolve the problem.

Farmers Market: Cllr. Fleming reported that he has received a letter from Mr Clattworthy concerning the use of Lion Stables Car Park for the Farmers Market next season. The Clerk informed members that if the Farmers Market Committee that if they wish DTC to consider any form of involvement next season a business case must be submitted.

It was agreed that with Mr Clattworthy’s permission the letter is forwarded to the Farmers Market Committee.

Date of next meeting: To be advised.