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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Minutes of Legal & Finance Committee Meeting - 27th October 2016

Nov 03 2016

Minutes of the Meeting of the Legal & Finance Committee held on 27th October 2016 at 4.15pm in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present:Chairman:Mr Nick Thwaites,Mrs Christine Dubery Mrs Judy Ernest and Mr Gerry Lewis.

Apologies for absence and acceptance of any reasons offered: Cllrs. Mr Ian Fleming and Mr Steve Ford.

Deferment of business for comments by the public:None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Thwaites with regards his position as a District Councillor.

Policy & Procedure Committee – HR Recommendations:

Having considered the report received from S.A.L.C. and the recommendation from the HR Committee it was:

RESOLVED: To recommend that the salary arrears due at £4,601.02 are paid to the Clerk and the appropriate pay scale at Level 29 is implemented from 1st November 2016. Proposed by Mrs Christine Dubery, seconded by Mrs Judy Ernest and carried.

Budgeting Requirements – Financial Year 2017/18:

The Clerk presented a Budget Statement and associated documents.

Members noted that the Grounds Committee had requested that £5,000 is ring fenced from the reserves. Cllr. Lewis suggested that it would provide a greater degree of accuracy concerning anticipated expenditure if this amount is included in the budget; and subsequently consideration is given to reconciling the anticipated deficit by either reducing the budget allocations or the increasing the precept.

It was also agreed that a budget is set with regards the marketing/promotion of the Town,   Grants awarded under LGA 1976 Section19 and LGA 1972, Section 144, will come under this budget.

The budget for year commencing 1st April 2017 was agreed as Appendix A.

2017/2018 Budget:

                                 Anticipated Expenditure            77,175 (Appendix A)

                                Anticipated Income                     63,747 (Appendix D)


                                 Anticipated Balance                  - 13,428

The anticipated expenditure includes £8,000 regards the maintenance of the public toilets

Furthermore £70,000 is anticipated to be spent on the Church Yard walls.

On consideration that a rise of 9% will produce an increase of income of £5,440.23, it was:

RESOLVED: That a recommendation is made to full Council that the precept is increased by £5,500, to £65,947, a rise of 9.09%. The anticipated deficit of £7,928 to be met from reserves. Furthermore that the DTC resolve to endeavour to keep costs as low as practically possible. Proposed by Mrs Ernest, seconded by Mr Lewis and carried.

Future Banking Arrangements:

The Clerk informed members that larger Town Councils have been informed by NatWest that free banking facilities are to be withdrawn and that it may be advisable to investigate alternative banking arrangements in anticipation.

Matters to Report with permission of the Chairman:

Fund Raising: Cllr. Lewis suggested that members consider the exploitation of assets in order to increase revenue.

Date of Next Meeting: To be determined.

Meeting Closed: 6.00pm


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