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Saturday, July 21, 2018

DTC Minutes of the Planning Meeting - 1st December 2015

Nov 24 2015


Minutes of the Planning Committee meetingheld on Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 10.00am, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present: Mr Gerry Lewis, (Chairman), Cllrs. Mrs Louise Parrish, Mrs Margaret Rawle, Mrs Liz Schofield, Mr Mike Willison and two members of the public.

Apologies: None

Deferment of business for comment by the public.

3/09/15/003: members were given details concerning the current financial difficulties that the applicants were experiencing in support of the planning application.

Declarations of Interest: None

Planning Applications:

WTCA 15/09: Proposed works to trees in Conservation Area: Removal of 1 Lawson       Cypress to the rear of No 3 Lamb Back. (WORKS TO TREES IN CONS).

3 Lamb Back, High St, Dulverton, Somerset.

Observations: No objections.

3/09/15/003: Removal of conditions 2 and 3 on planning permission 3/09/97/015 in order to allow Ridlers Barn to be used as a dwelling house without holiday occupancy restrictions.

Ridlers Barn, Oldway Road, Dulverton TA22 9RZ.

Observations: Members considered that there existed no grounds to object.

Final Approvals:

6/9/15/116 Proposed installation of solar panels (6.6kw array on three roof spaces). As

per amended plan and additional information dated 20.11.15. (Amended description).


Heritage Centre, Guildhall Terrace, Dulverton, Somerset. CONDITIONAL

6/9/15/117 Proposed poultry and water fowl house (24.89m2). (FULL)

Hollam House, Hollam Lane, Dulverton Somerset. CONDITIONAL

Refusals: None




6/9/08/113 Appeal under S78 against refusal of a householder application.

Proposed amendment to raise the roof to create a first floor. As per amended plan


15, Battleton, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9HT.

6/9/15/109 Appeal under section 195/26K against refusal of a Lawful Development

Certificate for the proposed erection of a new agricultural tied dwelling house.

Highercombe Farm, Higher Combe to Mounsey Hill Gate, Dulverton, Somerset,

TA22 9PT.


Matters to Report: None

Chairman   .............................................................................