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Sunday, July 22, 2018

DTC Minutes of Grounds Committee Meeting - 17th November 2015

Nov 06 2015



Minutes of the Grounds Committee meetingheld on 17th November 2015 at 4.15pm, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present:Chairman:Mrs Christine Dubery, Cllrs: Mrs Judy Ernest, Mr Steve Ford, Mrs Louise Parrish, Mr Nick Thwaites and Mr Mike Willison.

Apologies: None

Deferment of business for comment by the public.None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Thwaites with regards his position as District Councillor.

Cllrs. Steve Ford and Mike Willison regarding their position as Church Wardens.

Matters arising from the meeting held on 25th August 2015:

Dog Fouling Issues:

  1. WSC Training Update: No further developments. Cllr. Thwaites to pursue.
  2. Churchyard: Members were requested to consider funding the cost of signage asking that dogs be kept on leads. Members requested that the request is referred back to the P.C.C.
  3. Dog Bags: It has been reported that the bags are being taken in bulk. As a result there is now a costing issue. Members suggested that alternative bags as sourced that will fit into the dispenser, and are both cheaper and biodegradable. The Clerk was requested to create signs requesting that dog owners act responsibly, i.e. ‘Please don’t abuse this free service by taking more than one bag’

         The situation is to be monitored.

Members commented that they considered that the Town was generally cleaner as a result of providing the bags

Cemetery Extension:

Members were informed that between 25 -30 spaces remain available. Magna Housing South West has been requested to provide Mr Dru with information concerning current housing requirements.

Members commented that the public should be consulted, to determine as to whether there exists a demand for an extension to the cemetery and whether they are willing to accept an increase in precept to finance it. It was suggested that the issue is placed on agenda of the Annual Parish Meeting.

Triple Mower:

The Clerk informed members that having received a report from Mr Funnell concerning the condition and use of the mower and the results obtained by Mason Kings tests on the hydro, cutting and lift pumps, she had asked Ridlers for a response, which was as follows:

  • That the tests had already been carried out by Ridlers and the same results obtained.
  • That the 4 x 4 was not active when Ridlers took over the maintenance of the mower. The electrical wires had been cut and taped to reduce the work load on the hydraulic pump, effectively masking the real problem which was the weakness of the hydraulic pump which consequently does not have the power to drive the centre blade at full speed.

  • DTC were informed that the wiring could not be redone as it was originally and that because the control manual had burnt out a manual switch had been fitted.
  • Has previously advised the Grounds Man and DTC members that the mower requires washing and greasing weekly during the growing season, and the blades need to be adjusted according to the type of grounds being cut.

  • That the mower requires a new hydraulic pump to a cost of up to £800.

Members agreed that:

  • Quotes are obtained from Mason Kings and Taunton Deane D/C with regards the replacement of the hydraulic system.
  • Mr Funnell is requested to assist Mr Takel with regards the weekly maintenance requirements of the mower and provide a weekly maintenance task sheet.

Cemetery - Conditions of Burial:

Members recommend that in order to qualify to be buried in Dulverton Cemetery the deceased have to have been on the electoral register (or the parents with regards the interment of those under 18 years of age), at some point in their lives. There are to be no exemptions.

Parish Lengthsman:

Cllr. Ford provided a detailed written report regarding the work undertaken by the Parish Lengthsman over the past few months. He commented that that he considers that major tasks have been accomplished this autumn and that Mr Bryant is pro-active and committed to his work.    

Members acknowledged that the work being undertaken by the Parish Lengthsman is imperative to the maintain standards etc. particularly with regards the clearance of drainage channels and ditches in various locations, reducing the flood risk and hazards to the public.

Oldberry Hill: There still exist issues regarding the siting of silt removed. As a result the Parish Lengthsman has been instructed not to continue clearing the drains. Residents are advised to report any subsequent problems regarding drainage to Somerset County Council.

It was noted that the Lorna Doone roundabout requires further mulching and the vegetation needs cutting back.

According to a local resident the path from Moors Motors needs vegetation maintenance. Cllr. Ford agreed to investigate and clarify as to who is responsible for this area.

Lorna Doone Sponsorship:

Cllr. Ford intends to approach the Caravan Club.

Urgent Maintenance Issues with Regards all other Grounds with permission of the Chairman:

Barnsclose Recreation Ground: The goal posts require maintenance. Mr Takel is to be requested to report on the current condition of them and provide a quote with regards refurbishment.

BT Broadband Cabinet: Cllrs. Judy Ernest & Christine Dubery met with BT. to discuss the sighting of the cabinet.

Members agreed that the cabinet would be better placed on the opposite side to that proposed (in front of the WSC wall) where the unofficial disabled space currently is.

The work is to be carried out in April 2016 and may involve a road closure to enable power cables to be laid across Fore Street.

Church Wall: The Clerk gave a brief account of the meeting held yesterday; that was held in order to attempt to reach some form of agreement between all the interested parties.

After very lengthy debate it was agreed that the two opposing structural engineers, Mr Simon Bastone and Mr Patrick Stow, work together to produce a structural report and specification for tender. The cost of which will be met by E.N.P.A.

The Chairman, Brigadier Godsell, will send a summary of the meeting to the Chancellor.

Date of next meeting: To be determined.

Meeting Closed: 6.30pm