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Sunday, July 22, 2018

DTC Minutes of legal & Finance Meeting - 29th October 2015

Oct 22 2015



Minutes of the Meeting of the Legal & Finance Committee held on 29th October 2015 at 4.15pm in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present:Chairman:Mr Nick Thwaites, Cllrs. Mrs Christine Dubery, Mrs Judy Ernest and Mr Gerry Lewis.

Apologies for absence and acceptance of any reasons offered: None

Deferment of business for comments by the public:None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Thwaites with regards his position as a District Councillor.

Current Financial Situation: Members agreed that the current financial situation was healthy, with over £100,000 in reserves. However it was noted that considerable expense is likely to be incurred in the forthcoming years.

Budget Requirements for Year Commencing 1st April 2016:

Basic Expenditure:

Salaries & Expenses: Agreed that salary increases would be considered as advised by NALC.

Office Rent & Rates: Members and the Clerk agreed that the current facilities were good value, provided privacy and a degree of security with regards the storage of files etc. Consideration given to alternative offices would only be given if the proposals offered greater space and better access.

General Administration: No obvious ways to reduce costs were identified. The Clerk and Administrative Officer will continue to pursue value for money with regards office requirements.

Grounds Maintenance: Members considered the need to ring fence £12,000 for the renewal of machinery and play equipment (capital purchases).

Anticipated Expenditure – 2016/17:

Public Toilets: Members considered that the cost of running the facility needed to be budgeted for in the event that the assets were transferred to DTC. The operating costs have been requested from West Somerset Council, but not yet received; however £8,000 to be set aside in anticipation.

Resolved & Committed Expenditure

RESOLVED: To set aside £12,000 for the renewal of machinery and play equipment (capital purchases). Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Lewis and carried.    


Resolved   Expenditure


Committed Expenditure


Undergrounding Cables



Youth Club Match Funding


D.S.F.S. – Flood Defence Project                


Dulverton Fare Set Up costs



Flood Resilience Project Costs                                        



Churchyard Wall Spec. & Tender



Local Convenience Facilities



Legal Fees (Sports Field Lease)







Precept 2015/16:

Members considered the budgetary information presented by the Clerk, detailing anticipated future expenditure and the current financial statement.

Basic budgetary requirements                                   £54,000

Additional annually resolved expenditure                   £5,000




Furthermore, in consideration of the possibility that Parish/Town Council precepts would be capped in future years it was:


RESOLVED: To recommend that the precept is set at £60,447.52 for the Financial Year commencing 1st April 2016, an increase of 12%. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.    

Cemetery Fees:

RESOLVED: To increase the burial rates by 5% as from 1st April 2015. Proposed by Mr Lewis, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

Members agreed that it should be anticipated that a small annual increase would be implemented annually.

Matters to Report: None.

Date of Next Meeting: To be determined.

Meeting Closed: pm