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Sunday, July 22, 2018

DTC Minutes of the Planning Meeting Monday 8th December 2014

Dec 02 2014


Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 8th December 2014 in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton, commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Councillors: Mr Keith Ross (Chairman); Mrs Margaret Rawle; Mr Nick Thwaites and Ms Liz Schofield.

Apologies: None

Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public: None

Declarations of Interest: None


Planning Applications:

3/09/14/004 Installation of 16 photovoltaic solar panels to an A Frame 150m behind house next to shed to generate electricity for the house. (FULL)

Merlin Cottage, Oldway Road, Dulverton, TA22 9RZ.

Observations: Members questioned as to why the panels are not placed on the roof of the chicken house, which they believe will not require a planning application.

6/9/14/130 Proposed agricultural building (61m²). (FULL)

Stockham, Dulverton, Somerset.

Observations: No objections. The building fits in well with the topography.

6/9/14/129 Proposed conversion of existing stone outbuilding into internet room for holiday cottages. (Full)

Draydon Farm, Dulverton, Somerset.

Observations: No objections, providing that the room is used as an internet room as stated.

Final Approvals:

6/9/14/125 Proposed extension to first floor with dormer window roof extension. As per amended plan 10.10.14. (HOUSEHOLDER)

Hinam Bungalow, Dulverton, Somerset. CONDITIONAL

       WTCA 14/23 Proposed Works to Trees in Conservation Area: Prune tree to enable the finger post to be clearly seen and to stop damage (Works to Trees in Conservation Area).

Entrance to Lion Car Park, Dulverton Somerset.

  1. N.P.A will not be serving a Tree Preservation Order.

6/9/14/127 Retention of stables (35.62m²) together with the change of use of land to

  1. Retrospective. (FULL)    

Barle View, Northmoor Road, Dulverton, Somerset    

6/9/14/128 Proposed change of use to single dwelling house. (FULL).

Lower Mead, Ruddy Lane, Dulverton, Somerset

Refusals: None

     Withdrawals: None




       E.N.P.A. - Forestry Commission Consultation Blacklake SS 90208 4960

       Felling 2.72 ha of Larch to be replanted with conifer and broadleaf and thinning 5.24

ha of mixed conifers.


Matters to Report:

It was reported that the cement on the wall at the entrance to the Lion Car Park has blown and requires maintenance. W.S.C. is to be notified.

Meeting Closed: 7.20pm