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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Minutes of theMeeting - Monday 8th December 2014

Dec 02 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 8th December 2014, in the Town Hall, Fore Street Dulverton, commencing at 7.30pm.

Present: Chairman/Mayor: Mr Nick Thwaites, Councillors: Mrs Chris Dubery; Mrs Judy Ernest; Mr Gerry Lewis; Mrs Louise Parrish; Mrs Margaret Rawle. Mr Keith Ross (D.T.C. and W.S.C.); Mrs Liz Schofield; Mr Bruce Heywood (W.S.C.) and Mrs Francis Nicholson (S.C.C.), who both left at 8.15pm and PCSO Brian Stevens.

Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public:

PCSO Stevens reported to members that three enquiries were ongoing involving:

  • A number of non - dwelling burglaries (sheds, outbuildings) in and around the Exe Valley, covering Devon and Somerset.
  • Theft from motor vehicles. An individual has been identified as a possible suspect.
  • Illegal shooting of deer. The Police are working alongside other agencies to combat the problem.
  • The route should be shortened, lessening the time taken to get to Taunton.
  • That the maintenance of the buses is improved both mechanically and with regards cleanliness.

The Chairman thanks PCSO Stevens for attending.

Apologies for absence and acceptance of any reasons offered if agreed: None.

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Ross with regards his position as a District Councillor.

Cllr. Dubery with regards Item 15, Farmers Market.

Chairman’s Comments & Meeting Management:

Item 13 is to be brought forward to Item 6.


Questions for County and District Councillors:


Cllrs. Ross and Heywood (W.S.C):

Leat Vegetation: Members clarified that their concern regarded the vegetation growing from the bank into the Leat rather than the adjacent hedgerows. Cllr. Heywood agreed to pursue the matter.

Members expressed their concern that the Leat appeared to be very low. Cllr. Ross agreed to investigate and make the relevant enquiries to the Property Services Dept.

Street Cleaning: Members commented that the extra bins requested for the Starlight event were not forthcoming. The streets were cleaned on the Friday morning and the bins emptied on Sunday morning.

Two bins are in a poor condition and need replacing.

Complaints have been received concerning the rubbish deposited by the Lion Car Park entrance, believed to be left by the residents occupying the flats above the Tantivy.

It was noted that an Organisation Chart has still not been received from Mr Chris Hall (Assistant Director Operational Delivery WSC/TD).

Cllr. Francis Nicholson (S.C.C.):

Fore Street Parking Bays: It was noted that the lines have not yet been painted, despite S.C.C. maintaining that the work has been completed. Cllr. Nicholson intends to pursue the matter.

5849 Review of Subsidised Local Bus Services:

In recognition that the consultation gave confusing information, leading to some members of the public believing that the No. 25 Bus Service between Taunton and Dulverton was being cut completely on a Saturday, Cllr Nicholson clarified that the consultation regarded the withdrawal of funding of 50% of the existing service, which will leave a 2 hourly service. The hourly Monday to Friday service will remain.

Cllr. Nicholson questioned as to how affected residents will be at the proposed reduction in the Saturday service.

Members suggested that in order to encourage the public to make greater use of this bus service:

Members were encouraged to compete and submit the consultation as individual residents. The above to be submitted by the Clerk.

Minutes of the meeting held on 10th November 2014 as circulated: were approved, with the following amendment, that Minute 5841 (5831 Localism – Community Woodland Project) reads: ‘He considers that there exists enough local expertise to progress the Community Woodland Project without the use of public funds to employ consultants.’ Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mrs Parrish and carried.

5850 Update of action points resulting from the last meeting:

5841 Localism – ‘Our Place’:

It is anticipated that an outline of the Operational Plan will be completed in the New Year.

No response or acknowledgement has been received from ‘Locality’ following the return of the grant.

All the partners involved have been sent letters providing details of developments to date.

A formal letter of complaint has been sent regarding the conduct of Our Place consultants and the unprofessional manner concerning their approach to ENPA with a view to exclude DTC from the project. The proposal was rejected by ENPA at the highest level. No response or acknowledgement has been received to date; a further letter will be submitted to the relevant Government Department.

5841 Church Yard Wall:

E.N.P.A. has erected more substantial barriers in an attempt to discourage the public from using the path.

The report providing the specification is expected to be received before Christmas. Tenders will be invited in the New Year.

5841 Dulverton Youth Council:

Confirmation has been received in writing from S.C.C. stating that the Youth Club can use the £5.000 grant as agreed. Details as to how it is anticipated the grant will be spent has been requested by Cllr. Ernest.

Ms Jude Atkins (Youth Worker) will be recruiting for the new Youth Council in the New Year. The project will be overseen and monitored by Mrs Zara Scott- Davis (S.C.C.).

Cllr. Ernest is willing to attend future Youth Council meetings if invited.

5847 Kings Corner/ South West Water:

No proposals have been received concerning the emanating smells, as promised by representatives of SWW when they met with members on 4th November 2014.

The Clerk agreed to pursue the matter with Dr Robert Andrews.

5851 Accounts:

     Mr P. Ackland                                 Cleaning of Bus Shelter                             £40.00

     Mr A. Takel                                     Grounds Maintenance                               £658.25  

     Dulverton club & Reading Room   Office Rent 1/10/14 – 31/12/14               £450.00

     Travis Perkins                                  Stakes & Wire – Dog Glove Dispensers     £23.05

     Chris Stephens & Sons                   Hedge Trimming                                       £182.26

     Mr T. Haine                                     Vegetation Disposal                                    £12.00

     Exmoor Flag                                   Flag & Pole                                                   £9.00

     Salaries & Expenses                       November 2014                                     £1, 721.48

     Parish Lengthsman                         November Wages & Expenses                 £726.82

RESOLVED: That the accounts are approved. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.


     The Financial Statement was also presented and approved. Proposed by Mrs Schofield, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.


Members were informed that a Legal & Finance meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 10th December at which the 2015/16 Precept will be considered.

5852 Committees:

Minutes submitted for approval:

Planning Committee:

     RESOLVED: To adopt as part of this meeting the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 8th December 2014. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr Ross and carried.      

Grounds Committee Meeting:

RESOLVED: To adopt as part of this meeting the minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 13th November 2014. Proposed by Mrs Schofield, seconded by Mrs Parrish and carried.      

Car Parks Committee Meeting:

RESOLVED: To adopt as part of this meeting the minutes of the Car Parks Committee meeting held on 20th November 2014. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Rawle and carried.      

W.S.C. have been informed that permission has been granted by ENPA to carry out maintenance work to the tree situated at the entrance to the Loin Car Park , however no response has been received. Cllr. Ross agreed to pursue the issue.

Cllr. Ernest requested that the Car Parks Committee consider issuing permits which are transferable.

5853 Councillor Resignations:

Letters of resignation were read by the Clerk to members from Mr Rod Coyne and Mr Neville Rimmer, both of which have been accepted by the Chairman.

Members considered that it was too near the next election to either advertise the vacancies or consider co-option. It was therefor:

RESOLVED: Not to fill the existing vacancies. Proposed by Mrs Ernest, seconded by Ms Schofield and carried.

RESOLVED: That Cllr. Lewis is invited to be a member of both the Car Parks Committee and the Legal and Finance Committee. Proposed by Mrs Ernest, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

   5854 Restricted Parking Consultation:

Members considered the report compiled by the Clerk following the consultation. It was acknowledged that due to the very poor response it was not representative of the local population.

It was agreed that the report is submitted to S.C.C. requesting a meeting to discuss as to how to progress the issue further. A petition was submitted by Cllr Ross at the meeting, however having been received well after the consultation closed it was accepted for information purposes only.

5855 SLCC:

RESOLVED: To renew Society membership at £149. Proposed by Ms Schofield, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

5856 Farmers Market:      

A comprehensive report compiled by Cllrs. Chris Dubery and Liz Schofield had been circulated to members.

Cllr. Dubery recommended that a partnership is created involving DTC, local businesses and a Market Organiser/Manager and advised members that an application for funding, if it has any chance of being successful, needs to be submitted by January 2015 from the Rural Development Fund.

It was agreed that an organiser is sourced and requested to meet with members to discuss how to progress the project.


     5857 Somerset Playing Fields Association:


RESOLVED: To renew this Councils membership subscription at £15. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mr Lewis and carried.


5858 Parish Path Liaison Officer:

Cllr. Schofield agreed to undertake the role. S.C.C. is to be notified.


5859 Late Correspondence:

Correspondence noted by members.

5860 Questions for Members who have attended additional meetings: None

5861 Issues to be raised with permission of the Chairman: None

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chairman …………………………………………….