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Sunday, July 22, 2018

DTC Minutes of Meeting - Monday 13th October 2014

Oct 07 2014


Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 13th October 2014, in the Town Hall, Fore Street Dulverton, commencing at 7.30pm.

Present:Chairman/ Mayor: Mr Nick Thwaites; Councillors: Mr Rod Coyne; Mrs. Judy Ernest; Mr Gerry Lewis; Mrs Louise Parrish; Mrs Margaret Rawle; Mr Keith Ross (D.T.C. & W.S.C.); Ms Liz Schofield; Mr Bruce Heywood (W.S.C.); and 3 members of the public.

Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public:

Mr John Smith – Street Parking Proposals: Mr Smith expressed his view that the proposed double yellow lines should be extended further, beyond 4, Northmoor Road, as proposed, to opposite 19 Northmoor Road; which he believes will be more effective in creating safer access. He informed members that there had been a recent occurrence whereby the ambulance service was unable to access Northmoor Road when attending an emergency and the paramedics had to abandon their ambulance and continued on foot.

Apologies: Cllr. Christine Dubery who is on holiday and Cllr. Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.), who is ill.


Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Ross with regards his position as a District Councillor.

Chairman’s Comments & Meeting Management:

Items 10, 13, & 14 are moved forward.

Street Parking Proposals: The Chairman requested that members provide factual information to members of the public rather than opinions at this time.

5828 Church Boundary Wall:

Confirmation has been received that the repairs are the responsibility of DTC. A specification is now required in order that tenders can be sought.

Members were advised to seek a recommendation regarding the employment of an Engineer from the DAC.

Mr Gunn has volunteered to undertake the necessary paperwork in the first instance to assist the Council.

RESOLVED: To authorise Cllrs. Chris Dubery and Nick Thwaites to spend up to £5,000 with regards the cost of obtaining a specification. To be overseen by the Clerk. Proposed by Mr Coyne, seconded by Ms Schofield and carried.    

5829 Dog Fouling – Community Initiative:

A community meeting, organised through the Dulverton Voice has been held and various suggestions concerning remedies to the problem considered. It was agreed to pursue an initiative to encourage members of the public to inform the Town Council of habitual offenders.

5830 Dulverton Youth Council:

Cllr. Nicholson has confirmed that agreement has not been forthcoming to allow the grant awarded to be transferred to the Participatory Budgeting project.

Cllr Ernest informed members that a provider has been sourced; however it will take between 6 and 9 months to get a proactive group of young people together. Members do not consider that the project is financially sustainable in the long term.

Cllr. Ernest is to liaise further with Mr Jeff Brown (Head of Children’s Services, S.C.C.), to ascertain options available.

To be placed on the agenda for next month.

Questions for County and District Councillors:

Cllr Bruce Heywood W.S.C.:

Lorna Doone Roundabout: New lines, giving direction around the roundabout, are to be painted on Tuesday 21st October.

Leat – Leakage: The matter is undergoing investigation.

Leat Sluice Gate: Cllr. Heywood is to pursue the proposal to train local volunteers to carry out any required adjustments.

Cllr. Ross W.S.C.:

Oldberry Lane – DU3/7: Following concerns expressed by a resident regarding blocked drains and potential flooding it has been ascertained that S.C.C. have responsibility of the bridleway, however have devolved the service to E.N.P.A.

Cllr. Frances Nicholson S.C.C. – (submitted in writing due to her absence)

Highways – Closures and Diversions: Cllr Nicholson apologised, on behalf of S.C.C., with regards the recent incorrect published diversion and the failure to inform DTC of the proposals. A ‘short’ diversion has been agreed for the future, however in order to ensure that the situation does not reoccur, members require this to be officially implemented by SCC Highways Department.

Winter Salting: It was confirmed that funding will not be forthcoming with regards the salting of Amory Road as the Director of Public Health criterion is not met.

Road Surface Dressing: Cllr. Nicholson requested details concerning the location of areas where the new surface is peeling away.

The Clerk was requested to write formally to S.C.C. Highways asking why the new procedures have failed to be adopted, and expressing DTC’s concerns regarding the quality of surface dressing work undertaken.

Hollam Lane – HGV Signage Proposals: Members suggest that metal bollards are placed 6’6” wide just below the entrance into Hollam, preventing large vehicles from accessing the lane.

Library: Concerns raised regarding the opportunity to publish information in the Library, concerning local issues and events, have been resolved

Minutes of the meetings held on 8th September 2014 as circulated: were approved and signed. Proposed by Mr Coyne, seconded by Mrs Rawle and carried.

5831 Update of action points resulting from the last meeting:  

5821 Localism – ‘Our Place’:

The Logic Diagram has been approved and funding awarded (£9,000 paid, £1,000 having been withheld). A further meeting has been held with Mr Graham McVittee (E.N.P.A.), who is producing a scheduled of work. A draft Operational Plan has to be completed by 14th November 2014, which will undergo a peer review to be completed by January 2015. A final Operational Plan has to be submitted by March 2015.

5821 Traffic Related Issues:

Proposed Parking Restrictions: Cllr. Coyne expressed his disappointment at comments received concerning this Councils perceived failure to support local traders. A claim that he totally rejects.

Cllr Thwaites suggested that some traders and possibly some residents have obtained incorrect information with regards to suggested changes/restrictions in Dulverton. Unfortunately there has been some knee jerk reactions and jumping to conclusions based on hearsay, without giving serious consideration, or in some cases even looking at the suggestions. He reiterated that the proposals are only suggestions and urged members to encourage residents to read the documents displayed on the council notice board, the web site and around town and to emphasise that there exist various alternatives to all the proposals.

5827 Street Signage De-cluttering:

Very few examples of signage clutter have been identified. Members commented that the ‘road narrows’ sign in Lady Street should be placed at the junction with Fore Street.


       Mr P. Ackland                       Cleaning Bus Shelter                                         £40.00

       G. C. Stanbury & Son           Fuel                                                                    £57.50

     Mr A. Takel                           Grounds Maintenance – September               £1,110.00

       Ridlers                                   Mower Maintenance                                         £150.91  

       Mr A. Haine                           Grounds Maintenance                                         £65.00  

       Salaries & Expenses             September 2014                                               £1,873.03  

       Parish Lengthsman               September Wages & Expenses                           £761.93  

       Apsleys                                 Annual Fee                                                         £150.00          

       W.S.C.                                   Car Parks Rent, 01/06/14 - 31/08/14               £7,500.00      

       H. M. Revenue & Customs   ¼rly Tax & N.I.                                                  £615.14

       Miles Engineering                 Play Equipment Repair – Kings Corner               £50.00


RESOLVED: That the accounts are approved. Proposed by Mr Coyne, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.                                  


Financial Statement:


     The Financial Statement was also presented and approved. Proposed by Mr Ross,                 seconded by Mr Coyne and carried.

     The Clerk was reminded to transfer monies from the Car Parks Account into the Savings Account.


     5833 Committees:

Minutes to be approved by the relative Committee members and be adopted as part of this meeting:


1) Planning Committee Meeting – 16th September 2014 and 13th October 2014

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Planning Committee meetings held on 16th September2014 and 13th October 2014 are approved. Proposed by Mr Ross, seconded by Mrs Rawle and carried.                              

2) Grounds Committee Meeting – 1st October 2014

       RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 1st October 2014

are approved. Proposed by Mrs Ernest, seconded by Mr Thwaites and carried.                

5834 Car Parks – Parking Enforcement:

A report of the meeting held between representatives from S.C.C., W.S.C. and D.T.C. was circulated to members who were informed that a draft Agent Agreement was currently being prepared.

The existing License Agreement with W.S.C. concerning the management of the car parks is to be amended accordingly.

5835 Dulverton by Starlight Committee:

Members agreed to a grant contributing to the purchase of the two large Christmas trees which traditionally stand in Bank Square and at Kings Corner.

RESOLVED: To award a grant of £350.00. Proposed by Mr Ross, seconded by Ms Schofield and carried.  

   5836 Street Cleaning:

Members commented that in their opinion the new Street Cleaning Operative is carrying out his duties to a good standard.

The current contract with Veolia terminates in October 2015. Mr Chris Hall (W.S.C.) has requested two draft contracts from Veolia, one including Dulverton, the other omitting Dulverton. Councillor Keith Ross mentioned that W.S.C., as a statutory authority it is able to devolve the service and pay the difference in the price of the two contracts to whoever takes over the contract.

   5837 ATWEST – Accessible Transport West Somerset:

Members were informed that S.C.C. are unlikely to impose cuts on concessionary fares.

It was subsequently:

RESOLVED: Not to award a grant on this occasion. Proposed by Mr Ross, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.    


   5838 Late Correspondence:

Correspondence noted by members.

5839 Questions for Members who have attended additional meetings:

West Somerset Panel Meeting – Raleighs Cross, 6th October 2014

The Clerk informed members that she had been invited to attend the meeting to give a presentation on the Exmoor Parish Lengthsman Scheme. Several Parishes had expressed an interest in joining the scheme at a previous meeting.

Having given a brief history and explanation as to how the scheme worked those parishes who were interested were invited to express their interest in writing. However it was pointed out that:

  • The hourly rate for parishes would increase unless further funding is obtained.
  • The current Parish Lengthsman, being self–employed, may be unable to take on further duties or be unwilling to travel the distances involved.
  • DTC members may be reluctant to accept the increased administration costs.

Those present were advised that they may like to consider setting up a local scheme.

5840 Issues to be raised with permission of the Chairman:


Meeting Venue: The Lion Hotel has offered a Conference Room, free of charge, with regards monthly Council meetings. Members were informed that Council may not meet on licensed premises unless no other suitable room is available at reasonable cost. (Para10(1) & 26(1) of Sch.12, LGA 1972.

Workplace Pensions:

The Clerk informed members that the law on workplace pensions has changed and that all employers are now legally required to automatically enrol certain staff into a pension scheme and make contributions. This Council’s staging date is 1st June 2015. Prior to this date staff, who are eligible for automatic enrolment, need to be identified, records checked and a pension scheme chosen. At the staging date staff must be enrolled and informed as to how the automatic enrolment affects them. A declaration of compliance has then to be completed to confirm that all the Council’s legal duties have been fulfilled. This must be done before 2nd November 2015

Chairman …………………………………………….