DTC Minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting 1st Oct

Sep 25 2014


Minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 1st October 2014 at 4.30pm, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present: Mrs Christine Dubery (Chairman), Mrs Judy Ernest, Mrs Louise Parrish, and Mr Nick Thwaites.

Apologies:Ms Liz Schofield


Deferment of business for comment by the public. None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Dubery with regards the Sportsfield and Farmers Market


Receipts and payments books are to be investigated to ascertain purchasers of old Grave Plots. A map is being produced showing where the grave plots are situated.

Members have been advised that the graves can be rodded to ascertain if used.

There exist a possible further 70 un-used spaces. Members noted that over 80% of people choose to be cremated and that it would be advisable to raise public awareness of the fact that ashes can be buried in the cemetery for which there is plenty of room. Cllr. Ernest agreed to compose a notice for publication.

Proposed Cemetery Extension: The meeting with Mr & Mrs Dru was cancelled, but will be rescheduled.

Church Yard:

Retaining Wall: The recommended solution is to lower the wall and grade the land behind it, as agreed with the P.C.C. and E.N.P.A. A specification is now required. Council will be asked to approve the provision of up to £5,000 for the purpose to be overseen by Cllrs. Chris Dubery, Nick Thwaites and the Clerk.

Clerk requested to investigate obtaining a loan from the Loans Board.

The ENPA have granted a further 6 months closure of the public footpath.

Remembrance Garden: Members were informed that this area of land is the responsibility of the P.C.C.

Grounds Man:

Yearly Costs: Members were presented with information concerning costs to date and cost comparison for previous years

Members want to consider two issues in anticipation of the next growing season:

  1. Organisation/flexibility of work (e.g. Would the Grounds Man want to relinquish responsibility for the Church Yard?).
  2. Not to use the Parish Lengthsman for general grounds maintenance work & to consider purchasing a further 3 days during the growing season)
  3. The other end of Abbots Way
  4. Milhams Lane
  5. Guildhall Terrace

Sick Leave: Mr Takel will be taking up to 6 weeks sick leave as he requires an operation.

Clerk to check with Mr Takel hedging requirements in anticipation of him taking sick leave.

Amory Road – Winter Salting:

RESOLVED: To ring fence £500 towards the cost of winter salting 2014/15. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.

Dog Fouling: Community meeting resulted in several initiatives being pursued.

Clerk was requested to report that the dog poo bin in Milhams Lane is broken and very often full to overflowing.

3 further dog dispensers have been purchased. To be placed at:

Gang Mower:

The skids require replacing as does the rear stub axil. A quote is to be submitted and if agreed the work to be undertaken when the winter service is undertaken.

Urgent Maintenance Issues with Regards all other Grounds:

Blocked Drains to be reported:

Hollam Lane

Oldberry Lane

Barnes Close North

Lighting issues to be reported by Cllr. Ernest

Sports Field Lease: The Sports Field Management Committee is seeking legal advice to ensure that the Constitution is being adhered to.

Matters to Report:

Farmers Market: The Interim report has been completed and will be circulated to members for consideration by Council members at the November meeting.

Date of Next Meeting:


Meeting Closed: 7.00pm