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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

DTC Car Parks Committee Meeting - Thursday 21st November 2013

Nov 19 2013




Minutes of the Car Parks Committee Meeting held on the 21st November 2013 at 2.30pm the Council Office, Lady Street.

Present: Mrs Margaret Rawle (Chairman); Councillors, Mr Rod Coyne; Mrs Chris Dubery and Mr Nick Thwaites.

Apologies: Mr Gerry Lewis

Deferment of business for comment by the public. None

Declarations of Interests:

Mrs Dubery

Review of Revenue & Expenditure 2013/14:

Members were presented with a breakdown of revenue over the past 3 financial years. The sale of annual parking permits remain constant, six monthly permits having increased slightly

It was noted that the revenue for this financial year to date is slightly up from last year. It was suggested that the implementation of CPE may have encouraged motorists to use the car parks rather than to park on street.


Car Parking & Permit Charges and Permit – 2014/15:

Members gave lengthy consideration to the perceived usage of the car parks and determined that in order to encourage a constant flow of shoppers it would be advisable to make the Lion Car Park a short term parking facility, offering cheaper parking than in previous years.

RESOLVED: That the following charges are imposed as from 1st March 2013.


Lion: Short Term Parking Facility:                                

  • 1 hour                            50p
  • 2 hours                           1.00p
  • 3 hours                           1.50p    

Guildhall Exmoor & Exmoor House:    

  • 2 hours                        1.00p
  • 3 hours                           1.50p  
  • 10 hours/ all day           4.50p                                          
  • weekly                           20.00p
  • Annual permit               80.00p                                        
  • 6 Month permit             45.00p                                          
  • Permit exchange             3.00p      

That the annual rent of 4 spaces to the Post Office remain at £1,600 (including VAT) plus the offer of one annual parking permit at £80.00.

Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

It was further:                                

RESOLVED: That parking permits, both annual and 6 monthly are available monthly throughout the year. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mr Coyne and carried.

Matters to Report:

Exmoor House: Clerk to ensure that Western Power clear spaces of rubble etc.

Car Parks Supervisor: Members were informed that the current working arrangements concerning the car park supervisor duties are working well.

Meeting closed: 4.15pm