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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

DTC Grounds Committee Meeting - Thursday 14th November 2013

Nov 12 2013




Minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 10th October 2013 at 9.30am, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.

Present: Mrs Christine Dubery (Chairman), Mr Gerry Lewis and Mr Nick Thwaites.

Apologies:Ms Liz Schofield


Declarations of Interest:

Mr Lewis – Allotments

Mrs Dubery - Sports Field

Deferment of business for comment by the public. None

Church Yard:

Quotes have been obtained regarding the removal of branches and various other maintenance requirements etc. from trees

RESOLVED: To accept the quote received from Lyndon Flottemesch for £420.00. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.

A meeting is to be organised with Church Yard Working Group with regards the refurbishment of the retaining wall.

Members agreed that a quote is pursued from Tony Haine to cut and dispose of the grass from the terraces.


Proposed Extension: Members recommend that in the light of current financial commitments Council re-visit the proposal to extend the existing cemetery bearing in mind that the provision of burial facilities is not a statutory requirement.

A survey of the Cemetery is to be undertaken to locate and identify all existing plots.

Sports Field

Club Leases - It was reported that the member clubs have been unable to complete the proposed leases’ and are technically in breach of the Sports Field Lease.

Hedging: Both sides and the top are to be cut by machine. Cllr Thwaites is to obtain a quote from Chris Stephens.

Undergrounding and Lighting Project:

A successful meeting was held on site between S.C.C. Western Power and S.C.C. Heritage Officer. The siting and design of the lighting has been agreed.

The undergrounding of cables will be completed in the near future. The installation of the lighting will probably be undertaken in Spring 2014.

Flood Resilience Plan:

The meeting between the E.N.P.A., Environment Agency and landowners is to be held on 27th November 2013.

A meeting is to be held on 23rd October 2013 involving volunteers and vulnerable home owners etc., organised by the Environment Agency. Following meetings are to be scheduled with regards training and the investigation of products available.

A Community Flood Draft Plan has been completed. Further amendments are likely to be made prior to publication.

Allers View Allotments

Members were happy that the existing licence should ‘roll over’ on a year to year basis.

Disposal of Green Waste:

It was agreed that the use of a chipper would not prove viable.

It was suggested that the cost of a large trailer was ascertained, and the trade facility at Williton is used. Cllr. Dubery is to make to enquire from W.S.C. (Adrian Turner) as to whether it can be organised that DTC green waste is collected by W.S.C., when in Dulverton, and disposed with accordingly.

Town Leat – Weir Refurbishment:

Work is not likely to commence until after April 2014. Funding is still being pursued. The specification has been completed and has gone to tender.

Parish Lengthsman Scheme:

A Key Committee Meeting to be held. A representative from all participating parishes are to be encouraged to attend. Issues concerning the future of the Scheme, specifically funding as well as parish participation with regards the administration of the Scheme.

Maintenance Issues with Regards all other Grounds:

Recreation Ground: It was reported that a large number of sheep were removed from the Recreation Ground last Thursday. The owner of the sheep insured that the area was cleared up afterwards.

Barnsclose Recreation Ground: The Clerk was requested to contact Adams & Ellicott Ltd., with regards the installation of a fence running from the garages to the bottom of the play area now that the temporary road has apparently been dismantled.


Matters to Report:

W.S.C. Grounds Maintenance

Members expressed concern regarding the quality of work recently undertaken. Cllr Lewis suggested that there existed residents in the community who would be only too happy to maintain these communal areas.

Date of Next Meeting: To be determined.

Meeting Closed: 11.20am