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Sunday, June 24, 2018

DTC Meeting 11th March 2013

Mar 05 2013



Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 11th March 2013, in the Town Hall, Fore Street Dulverton, commencing at 7.30pm.

Present: Chairman: Mr Chris Nelder, Councillors: Mr Rod Coyne; Mrs Chris Dubery; Mr Ian Fleming; Mr Bernie How; Mrs Margaret Rawle; Mr Neville Rimmer; Mr Keith Ross (D.T.C. and W.S.C.); Mr Les Silverlock; Mr Nick Thwaites; Mr Bruce Heywood (W.S.C.) and Mrs Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.), who left at 8.20pm.


Apologies: None

Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public: None

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Ross with regards his position as a District Councillor.

Cllr. Dubery with regards Item 13 – Dulverton by Starlight


Chairman’s Comments:

Cllr. Nelder reported that as Mayor he had attended the Civic Service, (S.C.C.) last Sunday and has two further events at which he will represent Dulverton within the next week.


Minutes of the meetings held on 11th February 2013 as circulated: were approved and signed with the following amendments:

DSFRS Presentation: That the amount of money referred to is specified as £3,892.

Minute 5551 – Budget Setting: That the budget was adjusted rather than delayed.

Proposed by Mr Coyne, seconded by Mr Thwaites and carried.

     5567 Matters Arising:


Minute 5550: Out Patient NHS Services

No further developments.

Minute 5550: Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service:

Cllr. How drew members attention to a statement published by local fire–fighters concerned about the proposed changes to co-responding. They consider that the proposals are unworkable bearing in mind the nature of the current volunteer’s work, and their ability to utilise brigade vehicles. Furthermore, responding with one co-responder exposes both fire-fighters and casualties to undue risk for several reasons, which were clarified.

It was reported that the co-responders have agreed that they will have no alternative than to withdraw their services if forced to work alone.

Members were urged to complete the DSFRS consultation accessible online.


Minute 5558: Streamlining the Agenda

Cllr. Rawle reported that she had met with Cllr. Coyne and the Clerk who having considered the contents and arrangement of the current agenda propose that a detailed agenda continues to be published to ensure that members are made fully aware of the issues and resolutions to be considered. It was suggested that the subject is reviewed on a regular basis.


5568 Reports from County and District Councillors:


Councillor Frances Nicholson:

Tarr Steps: Members were informed that the re-building of the monument following the flood took 36 man days thanks to the existence of modern equipment.


Perry New Road: Work to commence on Monday 18th March 2013.


Northmoor Road – Proposed Closure: Members questioned as to why it was necessary to close the road for three days in order for Wessex Water to undertake necessary work.


Fore Street – Cllr. Nicholson reassured members that the request that the parking bays are painted in a herringbone design has been relayed.


Pot Holes: Work is on-going concerning the repairs required. Cllr. Nicholson is to question the reason as to why the tarmac used is being sourced from Bristol.


Mounsey Hill Gate: It was reported that the gate requires re- hanging. There exist hazards to both vehicles and the ponies.


Barle Industrial Estate – Lighting: Members were informed that there exists a ‘stand-off’ between those that want the lights switched off for environmental reasons, and those that wish them to remain on for security reasons.


Chapel Street/ Millhams Lane: There exists some confusion as to when the necessary re-surfacing work is to be carried out. It has been suggested that it will not be done until after the undergrounding of cables. Further clarification was requested as to whether the whole of Millhams Lane will be re-surfaced or only part.


Mains Electricity: Cllr. Nicholson requested members help to identify premises that do not have mains electricity.


Councillor Keith. Ross. W.S.C.


Chapel Lane/ Millhams Lane: Cllr. Ross reported that he had been approached by residents with concerns regarding restricted access by emergency vehicles due to parked cars. Members considered it was unlikely that S.C.C. would consider implementing restricted parking in the area.


Leat Weir: Members were informed that the refurbishment is going to cost considerably more than anticipated. It will be necessary to source further funding and comprehensive surveys will need to be undertaken. A temporary solution is being pursued using finance currently available in order to ensure that the water flow is maintained. It was suggested that while the water flow is minimal the opportunity should be taken to clean the Leat of debris etc.


Neighbourhood Plans - Rural Services Newsletter: Members attention was drawn to the report concerning Cumbria, where the first Neighbourhood Plan had received a ‘yes’ vote from the community. The process has taken three years to complete.

It was requested that E.N.P.A. are requested to attend a future Planning Committee meeting in order to pursue the issue of a Dulverton Neighbourhood Plan.






Councillor Bruce Heywood:

Town Leat: Cllr Heywood agreed to investigate as to who owns and is responsible for the maintenance of the Leat from Sampson Antiques to the Old Bakery, as it requires the removal of overgrown vegetation.


Exmoor Lawns: There still exists considerable damage and debris as a result of the recent flooding. Cllr. Heywood was requested to pursue the matter with W.S.C.

5567 Highways:

Street Lights: It was reported that only some of the lights have been restored, some remain unlit.


Kemps Way: Problems exist concerning the condition of several manhole covers. Various authorities are responsible, however W.S.C. are the Lead Authority. Cllr. Ross agreed to pursue the issue.


5568 Planning:

RESOLVED: To adopt the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 19th February 2013 as part of this meeting. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr Coyne and carried.              

Draft Local Plan: Members agreed that the document is considered by the Planning Committee. Cllr. Silverlock suggested that traffic management should be included in the Plan.

6/9/13/101 Proposed change of use of an existing workshop into a dwelling along with minor alterations to the fenestration. As per additional information25.02.13 and 11.03.13. (FULL).

15 Northmoor Road Dulverton, Somerset.

Observations: Members considered the proposals in the light of new information and subsequently:

RESOLVED: To object to the proposals on the grounds that there does not exist enough parking provision. Proposed by Mr Ross, seconded by Mr Thwaites and carried.              

3/06/13/005 Proposed building of 2 holiday lodges.

Beech Tree Farm, Clatworthy.

Members considered the contents of an email received from Mr Clive Chamerlain who requested comments concerning the proposals. As the proposals are not within this Parish members felt unable to comment.

5569 Accounts:      

         Mr P. Ackland                         Cleaning Bus Shelter                                        £40.00

         Ridlers Garage                         Fuel                                                                   £7.10

Dulverton Club & Reading     Office Rent 1/1/13 – 31/3/13                         £381.00          

Travis Perkins                         Guildhall Public Seating                                   £22.88

British Telecomm                   ¼ rly Rental and Usage Charges                     £132.35

Cllr. N. Thwaites                   Reimbursement – Extension Cables                 £15.99

Salaries & Expenses               February 2013                                               £1,582.37

Mr A Takel                             Grounds Maintenance                                     £680.00

Parish Lengthsman                 February Wage                                                 £697.66

         RESOLVED: That the accounts are approved. Proposed by Mr Coyne, seconded by Mr        Fleming and carried.              

     The Financial Statement was also presented and approved with the following amendment. That £2,278.00 concerning new fencing at Barnsclose is included in the list of resolved expenditure. Proposed by Mr Rimmer, seconded by Mr How and carried.

     5570 Car Parks:

Funding Application – Social Investment Business Group: Cllr. Silverlock reported on the situation regarding his application on behalf of this Council for a grant amounting to £9,856 to fund research and a feasibility study with regards DTC obtaining ownership of the car parks. A decision will be forthcoming during April 2013.

Members Parking Permits: Members were reminded that these permits can only be used when on Town Council business.

Car Park Charges: A public statement clarifying the financial situation with regards the car parks has been written and published.

5571 Grounds:


Kings Corner Recreation Ground: Members were informed that the safer surfacing had been badly damaged by the recent flooding and is not currently insured.

To clean, restore, and check all fixings by the original suppliers will amount to £1,840 plus VAT. No guarantee will be offered.

Members expressed their concern that the facility will be open for public use by the Easter holidays.

RESOLVED: To accept the quote received from J. Mathews Landscapes amounting to £1,840 plus VAT. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.


War Memorial: Some damage to loose paving stones has been exacerbated by the flooding. The necessary repairs will be undertaken in the near future.

Barnsclose Recreation Ground: The proposed road access to the sewage works has been created and is considered to have been done to a professional standard.

   5572 Dulverton by Starlight:

Members, having been asked to consider taking over the organisation and administration of the annual event, debated as to the perceived success of previous years from the trader’s perspective.

It was acknowledged that there exists a very positive economic benefit to the Town as a whole and that the Town Council should consider the means by which it can facilitate the event continuing.

RESOLVED: That this Council recognises the benefits of the event and has, and will continue

to support it. However, it is not prepared to undertake the organisation and administration of the future Starlight events. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mr Rimmer and carried.              

   5573 Dog Fouling:

It was reported that incidences dog fouling are increasing. Abbots Way, the Churchyard and the Leat Path have been identified as places where this offence is regularly being committed. Dog faeces have also had to be cleared from pavements as well as children’s play areas. It is anticipated that the situation will deteriorate further when the Caravan Park opens for the new season.

The Clerk was requested to produce, publish and distribute signage and leaflets.

Cllr. Dubery suggested that the local schools are contacted and encouraged to educate the children as to the environmental impact as well as health hazards posed by this problem.

   5574 Somerset Association of Local Councils:

The Clerk and Chairman informed members that S.A.L.C. continues to provide information and advice for Town & Parish Councils as well as training courses for members and clerks.


RESOLVED: To pay the annual affiliation fee amounting to £338.33. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr Coyne and carried.


   5575 Arthritis Research UK:

Following debate it was agreed that the existing criteria were not met and subsequently:


RESOLVED: Not to award a grant on this occasion. Proposed by Mr Ross, seconded by Mr Rimmer and carried.

5576 Correspondence:

Correspondence noted by members.


S.C.C. - Somerset Flooding Summit, 15th March 2013. Cllr Ross agreed to attend as a representative from both W.S.C. and D.T.C.


Mr Mike Willison - Parking Issues, The Paddocks: To be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.


5577 Reports from Members who have attended any other Meetings:


Exmoor Parish Lengthsman Scheme Key Committee Meeting – 7th March 2013: Members were informed that the scheme is to continue for the forthcoming year, involving all existing Parishes thanks to funding commitments from W.S.C. and S.C.C. The situation with regards subsequent years will be reviewed in July 2013 by the Key Committee.


Exmoor Panel Meeting - 7th March 2013: Cllr. Rawle distributed a written report concerning the contents of the meeting which included:

    •    Mr Nick Manning, Area Commander, Devon & Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority,   presented the proposals currently being considered with regards Fire Service cuts. Those present were urged to complete the consultation accessible online.
    •  Exmoor Parish Lengthsman Scheme – reported as above.



5577Matters to Report:

Sensible Spending Event: Concern was raised that there were no plans to bid for funds towards the cost of salting. It was suggested that support is requested from the local schools and G.P. Surgery.

Police Update: The Clerk imparted the contents of a report submitted by P.C.S.O. Williams which contained the following:

    •  There are no crimes trends in Dulverton and the surrounding area occurring at the present time.
    •  Community Speed Watch: A scheme has been set up in Dulverton, training has taken place and the volunteers, P.C.S.O. Williams and the Road Policing Unit will be out with the speed cameras in the near future.
    •  Skate Ramp: Will be situated in Allers View and made available for use by children during the Easter Holidays

5579 Date of next Meeting: Monday 8th April 2013

5580 Meeting Closed:        10.05 pm                                                                                                                                        







Chairman …………………………………………….