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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Meeting - Dec 2012

Sep 19 2012

Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 10thDecember 2012, in the Town Hall, Fore Street Dulverton, commencing at 7.30pm.




Present:Chairman: Mr Chris Nelder, Councillors: Mrs Chris Dubery; Mr Ian Fleming; Mr Bernie How; Mrs Margaret Rawle; Mr Keith Ross (D.T.C. and W.S.C.) who arrived at 8.10pm, Mr Les Silverlock; Mr Nick Thwaites; Mr Bruce Heywood (W.S.C.), who arrived at 8.00pm; Mrs Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.), who arrived at 8.20pm and left at 8.45pm.




Apologies:Mr Rod Coyne




Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public:None




Declarations of Interest:


Cllrs. Dubery & Nelder – Item 13


Cllr. Nelder  - Item 10




Chairman’s Comments:


The Chairman made the following statement:




Since the last meeting, the Clerk and I met or spoke with both Mr Lang (W.S.C.) and Mr Peter Lacey (S.A.L.C.) to obtain confirmation that our interpretation of the Standing Orders concerning meetings and the Chairmanship involved is correct.


Our understanding is that Council meetings exist to provide a forum for those elected to make decisions in a clean and transparent process according to the current legislation. We consider that a designated place should be reserved for public participation, as it is at other formal meetings held by W.S.C. and E.N.P.A. (i.e. Item 2) and be restricted to 3 minutes per person.  The issue raised can be debated by members at the meeting providing it is already itemised on the agenda. Otherwise it can be placed as an agenda item at a following meeting. In the event that it is debated, members can ask for factual information from a member of the public, having first sought the Chairman’s permission.


In order to obtain public opinion prior to debate public meetings can be called, and if considered necessary, councillor surgeries held.  Otherwise, to simply converse with local residents when the opportunity arises, to ensure that public opinion from all sections of society is represented, would be good practice.




Future meetings will be chaired accordingly by both Ian and me.




The Chairman took no discussion, advising that the opportunity for debate would be available at the next meeting.




Minutes of the meetings held on 12thNovember 2012 as circulated: were approved and signed.  Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mr How and carried.




5518 Matters Arising:




Minute 5499: Sensible Spending Initiative:


Mr Silverlock reported that £10,500 funding to date had been sourced. Further funding is currently being pursued.


Dulverton Town Council is requested to contribute a larger sum than previously granted (i.e.£1,500).


It is anticipated that the event will be held on either 16th or 23rd March 2013. E.N.P.A. has agreed to provide publicity.


An evaluation with regards the last event is to be presented at a future meeting.














Minute 5499: Out Patient NHS Services:


The issue has been referred to Ms Sandra Wilson (Chairman, Dulverton Patients Group), who has agreed to pursue the matter.




Minute 5509: Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service:


Mr How reported that anticipated cuts are to be announced on 18th December 2012. Staff resources remain critical, however there is likely to be a recruitment drive for volunteers in the near future.




RESOLVED:That this Council values highly it’s retained Fire and Rescue Services, and requests DSFRS to maintain the current level of Service managed locally.. Proposed by Mr Silverlock, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.




The Clerk was requested to write to Mr Mark Healy (Chairman, Devon & Somerset Fire Service), to express members concerns and resolve.




Minute 5514: Mapping of Community Assets:


Members were informed that assets have to be nominated individually. The Working Group requested permission to initially submit to West Somerset Council four applications; one for each of the car Parks and the public toilets, as a test case.




RESOLVED: To approve the submission to West Somerset Council of four applications; one for each of the car parks and the public toilets. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.




Minute 5512: Letter to the Prime Minister:


Councillor Silverlock stated that the advice we were given was that the letter should be signed by the whole council, or by as many members as possible; not doing so would render the letter less worthy of the attention needed to further the Council's requests. He asked why paragraph three of the draft letter had been removed, and tabled this question, as well as the rationale for only one signature, to be raised at the next meeting.




Minute 5510: Exmoor Gym


Councillor Silverlock informed members that he considered that the Council had not been even handed with regards the Exmoor Gym and 1610 Ltd. He referred to the meeting held between representatives from this Council and 1610 Ltd. Councillors: Mr How and Mr Fleming responded by pointing out that the meeting had been held some time prior to the formation of the Exmoor Gym and the closure of the gym in the Parish Rooms.




Minute 5491: Pedestrian Signage:


Members were informed that funding from L.A.R.C. had been granted following an appeal. They were present by Councillor Dubery with three quotes concerning the provision and installation of the posts. Following consideration it was:




RESOLVED:To accept the quote received from Heritage Street Furniture amounting to £8,665.00 + VAT. Proposed by Mr How, seconded by Mr Ross and carried.




Councillors Mrs Dubery and Mr Ross were thanked for the work undertaken in progressing this project.
















5519 Reports from County and District Councillors:




Councillor Heywood W.S.C.


Councillor Heywood reported that the future of West Somerset Council is bleak. A proposal has been made that W.S.C. become a Commissioning Authority only, possibly involving Sedgemoor District Council.


Alternatively the Council could increase its’ revenue by raising Council Tax by the equivalent of 70p weekly for a Band B property (approx. £1.00 per week on a Band D property. A public referendum will be required.




Councillor Keith. Ross. W.S.C.


Councillor Ross informed members that in the event that W.S.C. is only able to impose a 2% rise in Council Tax it will only be able to finance its’ statutory responsibilities.




Town Leat: Apparently Mr Watts (W.S.C.) is unaware that a local couple are in possession of a key enabling them to control the height and flow of the Leat. It may have been supplied by the Environment Agency. Mr Watts intends to pursue the matter.




Councillor Frances Nicholson S.S.C.




Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service: S.C.C. was addressed by the Chairman of the Fire Authority earlier today. Various questions were asked of which responses are awaited.




5520   Highways:




Black Cat Road Closure: It is anticipated that the road will open as from 12th December 2012 and traffic lights installed for the duration of the works.




5521   Planning:




RESOLVED: To adopted the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 4th December 2012 as part of this meeting. Proposed by MrRoss, seconded by Mr Howand carried.                               




5522   Accounts:


            Approval requested for:




Mr P. Ackland                        Cleaning Bus Shelter                                    £40.00


              Ridlers                                     Fuel                                                              £16.35              Mason Kings                           Exmoor Lawns (Fencing)                             £53.99    


              Lynx Copiers                          Monthly Service Charge                               £18.00


              Travis Perkins                         Exmoor Lawns (Fencing)                             £75.26 


              Exe Valley Pest Control          Pest Control Aug 12 – October 12             £120.00


              Dul. Club & Reading Rm.       Office Rent, 1/10 – 31/12                           £381.00        


              Salaries & Expenses                November 2012                                       £1,618.06   


              W.S.C.                                     Self-Adhesive Tickets                                £120.00


              Mr A Takel                              Grounds Maintenance                                £688.00 


              Parish Lengthsman                  November Wage                                         £697.66




RESOLVED:  That the accounts are approved. Proposed by MrFleming,seconded by Mrs Rawle and carried.




      The Financial Statement was also presented and approved. Proposed by Mr Ross,              seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.












5523Cheque Signatory:




RESOLVED: That Mrs Dubery and Mr Thwaites are given a mandate to act as a signatory on


behalf of thisCouncil. Proposed by Mr Nelder, seconded by Mr Silverlock and carried.




5524 Council Vacancy:


The Clerk informed members’ that she had incorrectly advised them that they had a choice as to whether they wished to co-opt to fill the existing vacancy or not.


Members were asked to consider two nominations.     




A secret ballot was subsequently held and as a result it was:




RESOLVED:To invite Mr Rimmer to become a member of this Council and fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Councillor Tony Snell. Proposed by Mr Nelder, seconded by Mr                       Fleming and carried.




5525 Car Parks:




RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the Car Parks Committee meeting held on 22nd November 2012. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.                                




Councillors, Mr Ross and Mr Silverlock commented that they did not consider that Councillors Mrs Dubery and Mr Nelder were required to declare a pecuniary interest on the basis that they had businesses in the Town, with regards the proposal concerning a shoppers’ permit.




After further debate it was:




RESOLVED: That the W.S.C. proposal to offer shoppers’ permits in selective car parks in the District should not be pursued by this Council. Proposed by Mr Silverlock, seconded by Mr How and carried.




5526 Grounds




RESOLVED: To approve the minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 4th December 2012. Proposed by Mr Silverlock, seconded by Mr Thwaites and carried.         




The Town Hall Committee are to be approached and permission requested for the storage of 3 or 4 bags of salt in the Town Hall, for use on public footpaths when needed.




It was reported that Magna Housing has undertaken the maintenance work necessary concerning overgrown shrubbery.




5527 SID Programme:




RESOLVED: That D.T.C.remain in the programme. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried by 7 votes to 1 against.




5528Somerset Playing Fields' Association:


RESOLVED: To renew the subscription at £10.00. Proposed by Mr How, seconded by Mrs Dubery

and carried.







5529 Society of Local Council Clerks:




RESOLVED: To renew the subscription with regards membership of the S.L.C.C. and pay the appropriate fee amounting to £127.00. Proposed by Mr Silverlock, seconded by Mr Flemingand carried.




5530 Correspondence:


Correspondence noted by members.




S.C.C.Abigail Lamberti, Environmental Resources – Street Lighting Project:


Members agreed that the information provided is published on the website for public consumption.




The Clerk was requested to contact Ms Lamberti to inform her of the above and to request further information concerning which lights are to be dimmed and which turned off.


Enquiries are also to be made concerning the lighting at the Barle Industrial Unit.




5531 Reports from Members who have attended any other Meetings:None




5532 Matters to Report:




D.T.C. Website:Councillor Silverlock congratulated Councillor Thwaites with regards the content of the website and thanked him for the information concerning it’s’ usage.


Councillor Thwaites reported that he had approached various Police Officers with a request that the contact information already published on the website, concerning the police, is developed to include photographs etc.However, he has failed to receive a response to date.




Dulverton by Starlight: Members commented on the success of the event and the Clerk was requested to forward members compliments onto Mr Gunn, Chairman of the Starlight Committee.




5533 Date of next Meeting:  Monday 14th January 2013




5534 Meeting Closed:9.50pm












                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Chairman …………………………………………….