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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Meeting - Nov 2012

Sep 19 2012


 Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 12th November 2012, in the Town Hall, Fore Street Dulverton, commencing at 7.30pm.




Present:Chairman: Mr Chris Nelder, Councillors: Mr Rod Coyne; Mrs Chris Dubery; Mr Ian Fleming; Mr Bernie How; Mrs Margaret Rawle; Mr Keith Ross (D.T.C. and W.S.C.); Mr Nick Thwaites and 2 members of the public.




Apologies:  Mr Bruce Heywood (W.S.C.); Mr Les Silverlock, Mrs Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.), and P.C.S.O. Katherine Williams.




Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public:  


Mr John White, Treasurer of the Allotment Association: Mr White informed Members that there existed issues concerning the erection of sheds involving both E.N.P.A. and Magna Housing. He suggested that the Allotment Association were not in possession of all the information required to resolve these issues and requested help from the Council to take the matter forward.




Declarations of Interest:


Cllr. Ross with regards his position as a District Councillor


Cllrs. Ross, Dubery and Nelder with regards Item 17 - Exmoor Gym.


Cllrs. Ross and Nelder with regards Item 11 - Accounts


Chairman’s Comments:


Mr Nelder began by reading the following statement:




“The Clerk and I have received several communications during the last few weeks that have challenged various Standing Orders and the Code of Conduct. Furthermore, the manner in which I and the Vice Chairman manage the meetings has been questioned.


The Clerk and I consider it advisable to liaise with the Monitoring Officer (W.S.C) and seek advice from S.A.L.C. before responding further.”




The Chairman continued by suggesting that due to an extended agenda it would be advisable to keep comments short and to the point.




Mr Nelder reported that the Armistice Day Services were well attended both at the War Memorial and All Saints Church. He thanked those members who had attended.




Minutes of the meetings held on 8th October 2012 as circulated: were approved and signed.  Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mr Coyne and carried.




      5499 Matters Arising:


Minute 5484: Sensible Spending Initiative:


No further developments reported.




Minute 5484: Lower Mead Relocation:


The response received from Ms Claire Steele concerning her comments regarding ‘inaccurate statements’ when she attended the Council meeting in August, was imparted to members who subsequently agreed not to take the matter further.










     Minute 5484: Approval of the Proposed Letter to the Prime Minister:


After discussion it was:




RESOLVED: That the Chairman signs the letter, to be amended by removing the words in the third paragraph, ‘closed without consultation, and costing 16 part time jobs’. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried with one abstention.




Minute 5484: Dulverton Undergrounding:


Consultation regarding the proposed new street lighting has been undertaken. Some progress has been made with regards resolving some of the outstanding issues.




Minute 5496: Out Patient NHS Services:


The issue raised by Councillor How at the last meeting concerning the necessity for patients to travel to Musgrove Hospital, Taunton to return equipment has been raised with the Patients Association who are pursuing the matter and will report back.




5500 Reports from County and District Councillors:




Councillor Keith. Ross. W.S.C.


Dog Bins – Mr Fleming was pleased to report that the request to replace the dog bin at the bottom of Hollam Drive had been met.




Mill Stream – There exist problems concerning the accumulation of silt under the bridge by the bookshop. The Clerk was requested to report the matter to Mr Peter Radford, S.C.C.


Members also expressed concern with regards the flow of the Leat. The general consensus of opinion was that it would be more efficient if the flow was regulated locally and on a daily basis. However concerns were raised with regards liability and insurance.


It was agreed that the situation is monitored over the next six months.




Councillor Frances Nicholson:


Although not present Councillor Nicholson had, prior to the meeting, submitted a report concerning various current issues, which was imparted to members by the Clerk.


The report included the diversion issues concerning the A396 closure which she is pursuing.




5501 Care Home – Blackerton


The Chairman invited Mr John Page to present his proposals concerning the currently empty property situated in Blackerton which was originally a care home.




Mr Page considers it ideally suited to become a mental health facility, providing short term care for those in crisis, seeking therapy and sanctuary, currently living in the South West.  He anticipates that the cost of refurbishment would amount to £5 million and that it would become eventually a service run by the NHS. In the event that support for the proposal is received from Anstey Parish Council Mr Page intends to submit his appraisal either to the Cabinet Office or to the Minister of Health believing that it would be a considerable asset to the NHS.


Although situated outside this Parish, Mr Page is also seeking support from this Council.






Members agreed that further information is required before a response can be given. Furthermore the opinion of Anstey Parish Council will be a major factor when considering the request for support.




5502   Highways:


Mr How has taken on the responsibility of Highways Warden and reported to members various incidents concerning flooding and pot holes throughout the Town, which are being pursued with S.C.C.


It was also reported that a post situated at the Lorna Doone Statue has been broken and that a sewerage manhole cover requires urgent attention.




5503   Planning:




RESOLVED: To adopted the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 29th October 2012 as part of this meeting. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr How and carried.                                




5504   Accounts:


            Approval requested for:


         Mr P. Ackland                        Cleaning Bus Shelter                                    £40.00


         Ridlers                                     Fuel                                                              £72.25


         Cllr Ross                                 Travelling Expenses                                     £39.90


         Mason Kings                           Play Equipment Maintenance                      £73.80 


         Lynx Copiers                          Monthly Service Charge                               £18.00


         S.G. World                              Stationery                                                     £44.40


         Viking Direct                          Ink Cartridges                                               £68.02  


         Mr A. Takel                            Grounds Maintenance                                 £817.00


         Dulverton Town Hall              Hire of Hall – 8/10                                       £27.00


         HM Revenue & Customs        ¼ rly Tax & N.I                                          £543.36


         British Telecom                       Internet Services                                           £50.40


         Salaries & Expenses                October 2012                                           £1,696.68


         Parish Lengthsman                  October Wage                                             £697.66




         RESOLVED:  That the accounts are approved. Proposed by Mr Coyne, seconded         by Mrs Rawle and carried. 




      The Financial Statement was also presented and approved. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mr Nelder and carried.




         5505 Internal Auditor:


The Clerk provided details of 2 proposed Internal Auditors, specifically, the service provided and the anticipated costs. It was subsequently:




RESOLVED: To accept the terms and conditions as submitted by Mr Bryan Howe, Clerk to Wiveliscombe Town Council. Proposed by Mr How, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.




5506 Council Vacancy:     


      Members were informed that W.S.C. had received no requests for an election to be held to fill the vacancy on the Town Council so were able to consider co-option.


Following lengthy discussion it was:










RESOLVED: That this Council would not co-opt a member to fill the current vacancy. Proposed by Mr Nelder, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried with one abstention.




5507 Dispensation Approval




RESOLVED: To grant a Dispensation to all members of this council to allow the Resolution to set a Precept and the related Council Tax at Band D. A further dispensation is to be granted to all members with regards all voluntary organisations within the Parish in the interest of residents, for the duration of this Council. Proposed by Mr Ross, seconded by Mr Nelder and carried.




      5508 Car Parks:


The Clerk reported to members that she had contacted MS Angela Lamplough (W.S.C.) with regards the proposed meeting with W.S.C. representatives concerning the future management of the car parks. It was subsequently confirmed that until W.S.C. has received the autumn statement from Central Government it will not be in a position to discuss future arrangements for the car parks in Dulverton. Due to the delay in the autumn statement this is not likely to occur until January 2013 at the earliest.


The Clerk advised that a Car Park Committee meeting is scheduled to be held in the near future.




Guildhall Car Park - Councillor Rawle reported that she had pursued W.S.C. with regards the posts protecting the wall in the car park which have been damaged by vehicles. W.S.C. is negotiating with the Co-op whose lorries are believed to be responsible for the damage.




   5509 Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service:


There have been no further developments regarding the concerns raised by Mr How at the last meeting. However both Cllrs How and Nelder intend to investigate the issues and report back at the next meeting.




5510 Exmoor Gym:


Members considered the request that this Council publically supports the Exmoor Gym. Following discussion it was:




RESOLVED: That this Council supports all organisations which promote and provide healthy activity to the residents of this Town, providing that it is managed professionally. Proposed by Mrs Rawle, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.




   5511 Dulverton Sewerage Works:


The Clerk reported to members that the project is to be delayed due to wet weather conditions, until spring 2013 and completion anticipated not until late December 2013.




5512 Agreements and Resolutions:


Clarification was requested form the Clerk concerning the difference between an ‘agreement’ and a ‘resolution’


The Clerk responded by stating that in her opinion a ‘resolution’ was a formal expression of opinion of a meeting by a vote subject to Standing Orders’


An ‘agreement’ is a mutual understanding or consensus of opinion which is not subject to Standing Orders.






5512 British Red Cross:


Following debate it was:




RESOLVED: To award a grant of £100. Amended to £50.00 as proposed by Mr How, seconded by Mrs Rawle and carried with one abstention.  




5513 Correspondence:


Correspondence noted by members.




S.C.C. – Flood Risk Management Team – Flood Awareness: Members questioned as to why S.C.C. are duplicating work that the Environment Agency already have responsibility.




Due to concerns raised at the number of emails being forwarded on to members, the Clerk enquired as to whether members wished emails to be prioritised beforehand. Members agreed that all emails of interest should be forwarded to members who were at liberty to prioritise/delete as they wish.




5514 Reports from Members who have attended any other Meetings:


Exmoor Panel Meeting – 6th November 2012: The meeting was attended by Mr Coyne, Mr Ross and Mr Thwaites.




Mapping Community Assets: Parishes were advised to list assets of community value, although not a statutory duty at Town/Parish Council level.


It was agreed that Cllrs. Coyne, Silverlock and Thwaites would form a Committee and investigate further.




5515 Matters to Report: 




Dulverton Garden Club: The Club have purchased and planted 450 bulbs throughout the Town, including Kings Corner, various tubs and planters and Abbots Way Pond.


Members expressed their thanks for the initiative shown and work undertaken.




Volunteer Pickers: Members commented as to how often the pickers had been seen at work and the difference that their efforts had made.




Website: A detailed assessment of those who had viewed the website was circulated. Mr Thwaites reported that 270 people had viewed the website, several from abroad.




Members congratulated the Mayor with regards the S.C.C. Chairman’s Award for Services to the Community.




Mr Coyne and Mr Ross gave their apologies for the next meeting.




5516 Date of next Meeting:  Monday 10th December 2012




5417 Meeting Closed:       10.05pm                                                                                                                                                 




                                                                                                                       Chairman …………………………………………….