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Monday, July 23, 2018

DTC Grounds Committee meeting-21st August

Aug 23 2012







Minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 21st August 2012 at 8.30am, in the Council Office, Lady Street, Dulverton.




Present:  Councillors: Chairman, Mr Fleming; Mr Bernie How; Mrs Christine Dubery and Mr Nick Thwaites.




Apologies: Mr Chris Nelder




Declarations of Interest:


Mr How and Mrs Dubery concerning the Sports Field Management Committee.




Deferment of business for comment by the public.  None




Sports Field Lease:


A draft lease is still in the process of being written. Mr How expressed his concern that D.T.C. had made little financial contribution towards the maintenance of the grounds over the past 29 years.


After lengthy discussion, members agreed that all grounds maintenance should be the responsibility of DTC and that the facilities are promoted and made available for use by all members of the public. Both issues are to be incorporated into the Lease Agreement.




Maintenance Issues with Regards all Grounds:




Kings Corner Recreation Ground: Members expressed their concern that play equipment repairs had not yet been done by Mason Kings and that the Play Equipment Inspection was to be undertaken tomorrow, 22nd August 2012.


Members noted that flooding still persists due to drainage problems.




Sports Field: Following a recent burglary an insurance claim amounting to £500 has been submitted. The installation of CCTV is being considered. Cllr. Dubery is pursing details concerning costs.




Cemetery: A second quote is required concerning a fee proposal with regards the cemetery extension  project.




The decorating of the cemetery shed has not yet been undertaken.




Members request that the cost of the refurbishment of the seats situated in the cemetery along with those situated throughout the town are included when considering next years’ budget.




Barnsclose: Considerable problems persist at the play area, exacerbated by the presence of dogs which gain access through gates which are left open. Members consider that the erection of secure fencing will resolve many of the issues, however the costs are higher than anticipated.


The following quotes have been received and members recommend their acceptance:




To fence inside of hedge running from the garages to the bottom of the play area @ £789 + VAT.


To fence off paths leading to the allotments @ £1,489 + VAT




Approval to be sought at the next Council meeting.












Allotments: The Clerk was requested to ascertain what progress has been made concerning the proposals proffered by the Dulverton Allotment Association when requesting a grant of £300 which was approved in May 2012.


Furthermore a request is to be made that the security lock, which is no longer used, is returned to the Council.




Abbots Way – The Clerk confirmed that S.C.C. Rights of Way Group had been invoiced for funding for 2011 and 2012, amounting to £700; and confirmation has been received that payment is forthcoming.




Matters to Report:




Machinery: The hedge trimmer has been replaced. The cost of necessary repairs to the old one outweighed the cost of replacement.




S.C.C. Grounds Maintenance Responsibilities: Members agreed that grass cutting requirements would continue to be carried out by D.T.C. A request for funding is to be made to S.C.C. with regards to funding which would have been made available to W.S.C. if they had continued to undertake the work.




E.N.P.A. Grounds Maintenance Responsibilities: Members noted that the path running between the school playing fields is in urgent need of maintenance with regards overgrown vegetation. The Parish Lengthsman is to cut the area tomorrow, however, Cllr. Fleming intends to pursue the issue with E.N.P.A.




Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 8.30am in the Town Office.




Meeting Closed:      10.00 am