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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Seven Principles for Public Life

Seven Principles for Public Life


  • You should act solely in the community’s interests, not gain financial or other material benefits for yourself, your family, or friends.
  • Don’t place yourself under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations who might seek to influence you in the performance of your role.


  •  In carrying out community business, including making appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, make choices on merit.


  • Be accountable for your decisions and actions to the community and submit yourself to whatever scrutiny is appropriate.
  • Be as open as possible about all decisions and actions taken. Give reasons for decisions and restrict information only when the wider community interest clearly demands.
  • Declare any private interest relating to your community duties, and take steps to resolve any conflicts, in a way that protects the public interest.
  • Promote and support these principles by leadership and example