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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Parking - DTC statement of Purpose


Car Parking Changes – Dulverton Town

Statement of Purpose

Dulverton Town Council (DTC) has become aware that some traders and possibly some residents have gained incorrect information with regard to suggested changes/restrictions in Dulverton.


Unfortunately there has been some knee jerk reactions and jumping to conclusions based on hearsay without giving serious consideration or in some cases even looking at the suggestions.


DTC have attempted to ensure that the situation is clear, although judging by the rumours and some emails that are circulating, clearly we have not succeeded. To get a true understanding please read the documents displayed on the council notice board, the web site and around town.


DTC is aware that a petition has been placed in shops in the town which is against any changes whatsoever. Unfortunately a petition of this nature does not address the specific issues. DTC would appreciate to receive comments and opinions on each individual proposal.


To be clear these are ONLY suggestions. There exist various alternatives to all the proposals. A decision will be madeby DTC and SCC having given full consideration to all the feedback received from members of the community including the Police and the Fire and Rescue Services(who have already indicated that they support any proposals, which improves traffic flow and achieves greater visibility and safer access).


Please consider each proposal as an individual item, and if possible also as part of the whole, giving reasons as to why you are ‘for’ or ‘against’. Furthermore, if you have any suggestions as to how additional parking can be achieved DTC will be interested in hearing your ideas.


This is only one part of a study aimed at looking at a future traffic strategy for the Town, initiated by two Town Councillors, one of whom has since resigned, the other being a District Council member.Other issues for future consideration include signage, speed limits, weight and width limitation, etc.

Dulverton Town Council

16thOctober 2014