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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

DYC Notes 17th March 2014

Youth Council notes from 17th March 2014


Open meeting consultation to take place on Monday 31st March at 6pm in the Lower Town Hall including all young people on surveys who said they would be interested in joining the youth council.

Surveys as discussed more need to be completed for older age ranges including on buses and at youth club.

Middle School – discussion regarding youth council involvement and all felt that we have had good input into the process.

Action plan was updated on the residential weekend and Naomi will type this up.

Meetings were discussed. The venue problem seems to have been resolved now. It was agreed to meet every other Wednesday at College during lunchtime to catch up on progress between full meetings.

Cooking to go ahead on 1st, 15th and 29th May. Themes Bread, Thai and Fish. Isaac to speak with his dad about best dates and arrange others around this. Preferably bread should be the first session.

Youth Council Residential weekend was great and everyone really enjoyed it. Naomi congratulated the members for the way their behaved during the weekend.

Kirstie Brown from Somerset County Council then did a session with the young people regarding their experience on the youth council to date.

She also confirmed that the grant to continue the youth council was £5000 not £2000 as previously thought.


  • All to go through survey forms and contact young people regarding meeting on 31st March.
  • Naomi to plan consultation session
  • Naomi to print more surveys to leave at College for Yas to get filled in on buses.
  • Naomi to type up new action plan
  • Naomi to arrange space to meet at College on Wednesdays.
  • Naomi to book kitchen for cooking classes.
  • Isaac to speak to his dad for best date for fish class.

DYC Notes 24th Feb 2014

Youth Council Notes from 24th February 2014


Julia Ridge from Somerset County Council attended the meeting to discuss the Middle School situation with the Youth Council.

There was lengthy discussion and debate about the situation structured around a format of:

Why should it stay the same?

Why should it change?

What changes need to be made to enable it to stay the same?

What actions could make the change better?

The groups particularly discussed issues around transport, quality of alternative schools in the area, what is special about Dulverton Middle, the change in the age for moving school and the pros/cons of this, other things which make a school good, the Exmoor Curiculum, small schools, the national picture and cost of education.

All felt that it was a productive session and thanked Julia for attending. All able to provide further feedback if wished.

DYC Notes 20th Jan 2014

Youth Council notes from 20th January 2014

Representatives from Brushford Parish Council attended the meeting and spoke about the Cycle Path project which they have been working on for a number of years.

The project has stalled because the landowners and also the people with fishing rights have not agreed to the project and without these permissions it can not go ahead.

The majority of the path lies within Dulverton Parish.

The group discussed options and decided that although it was a long shot the Youth Council should make an approach to the landowners to see if we can get a different response.

The group then also discussed the Middle School situation – Julia Ridge from Somerset County Council is due to attend the next meeting so all to come prepared with questions and thoughts.

NB: Julia Ridge did not attend next meeting but came along on 24th February.


  • Speak to Les regarding best approach for landowners for cycle path
  • All to prepare for Julia Ridge meeting
  • All to distribute Cookery posters and flyers and encourage friends to attend.

DYC Notes 11th Feb 2014

Youth Council notes from 11th February 2014


Short meeting prior to Open meeting regarding Middle School.   Meeting with Julia Ridge has now been rearranged for 24th February.

Discussed details for the cookery course on Thursday. We have a few bookings but need to encourage more people. We were unable to arrange a professional cook so Naomi will lead the class supported by the youth council members.

Brief discussion regarding the Cycle Path with Les who agreed to set up a meeting for some of the youth council with Bernard Drew.

All discussed who would be attending the Residential. Charlotte and Olivia are not able to attend so Yasmina, Charlie and Isaac will be coming along.

Youth Council members then went over to the Town Hall for the Public meeting.


  • All to meet at the School at 5:30 on Thursday to prepare before the class starts at 6pm.
  • Please bring aprons if possible.
  • Les to set up meeting with Bernard Drew
  • Forms for residential need to be returned to Naomi asap

DYC Notes 13th Jan 2014

Youth Council notes from 13th January 2014


Olivia has done draft survey, Naomi will look at and produce copies. It was agreed this would be distributed via the Middle School where hopefully all pupils would complete it and also on the buses.

Cookery – it was agreed that as this had not yet been sorted out it should be postponed slightly. Discussion took place and it was agreed that we would start with one taster session free of charge cooking cakes. Naomi had drafted poster but would change dates to reflect this.


  • Naomi to review and copy survey
  • Olivia to speak to Christine Nelder regarding cakes cookery class to be held on 6th Feb.
  • Naomi to amend cookery poster
  • Naomi to contact Mrs Ansell at the school to arrange use of the kitchens.