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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Dulverton Town Council (DTC) Meetings

  Town Council meetings are normally held in the lower Town Hall

(members of the Public are most welcome)

and are held every second Monday of the month, starting at  7pm


DTC office is normally open Tuesday 1000-1200 and Thursday 1500-1700

Dulverton Car Parks - changes, click here

Dulverton Town Council (DTC) welcomes letters and emails on any subject related to Dulverton and its Council, although every effort will be made to acknowledge receipt individual replies may not be forthcoming. However,  it does reserve the right in terms of transparency and the public interest to publish and/or make public letters/emails addressed to the Town Council and its Councillors unless specifically requested  & with its agreement not to do so.

False rumours and information can only harm your town.

In this age of false NEWS! you can never be sure that you aren’t being led a stray by false information, sometimes its deliberate, sometime it’s not. The best approach is don’t take everything at face value about what’s happening in your town.,. - To be sure you are not getting it wrong, contact any of your Cllrs and/or the Town Clerk to be sure that you are getting the true story about your town and not being misinformed by the headlines for somebody else’s gain.....

Your Cllrs are there for you! you only have to ask.


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USEFUL CONTACT NUMBERS – (County and District Services)

Other links of Interest


Dulverton Shops - what and where they are.


Dulverton Town Council has taken over the operation of the Public Toilets located at the entrance of The Lion Car park,  Although “free” to use an honesty box is provided to assist in their operation.


Dulverton Car Parks

West Somerset District Council (01643 703704) controls & manages all 3 Dulverton Car parks including the setting of charges. (Dulverton Town Council does not have any control over the charges imposed).


Dulverton Voice a Free local news paper - click here.


Dulverton Community Hub - click here


Good neighbours booklet

Good neighbours booklet


Dulverton & Brushford Community Speed Watch

Roads in residential areas, on which drivers regularly break the speed limit of 30 mph have been identified by the Police who intend to set up a Commity Speed Watch Scheme. Trained members of the public will use a Community Watch Speed Gun, in a safe area, to record and monitor the speeds of passing vehicles in a 30 mph zone.

Between 8 - 10 volunteers will be required, over the age of 18, who are willing to undergo a short training session/presentation to be held at the end of June. The initiative will be community lead , with the full support of the local Policing Team, based at Dulverton Police Station.

If you would like to be involved you can obtain further information by contacting

PCSO Katherine Williams via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or 07825 125106