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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dulverton - specific interest groups

Dear All,  

Clearly there has been some very diverse views being expressed by the businesses and others in the Town with regard to the “Traffic” flow suggestions. We are well aware that parking is just a small part of traffic management in the town; clearly other areas should and are being considered.  This includes: off-street parking, width and weight restrictions, signage clutter, speed limits, traffic flows, etc, this is the start of a long process but it has to start somewhere.

 DTC have pushed strongly and hard to be included at the beginning of any discussions/changes that affect Dulverton, be they road closures, the associated signage and diversions or others.  It is well proven that  the best way to influence projects is to be in at the start which how we have approached the traffic project.

However during the informal consultation period it has been drawn to our attention that there is no collective voice being put forward from specific interest  groups. Consequently DTC would like offer up a possible solution by asking 3 members (seems like a good number) of the business community, be they services providers and/or traders to come forward and act as a collective interface into DTC.

These 3 volunteers would be able to ensure that correct information is readily available to their colleagues and have an informed opinion as to what is true or not and being able to dismiss any half truths being circulated which only go to create chaos (there are quite a few of half truths out there stirring it up without just cause). It maybe that 3 members of the public living in Dulverton could also join the group giving it a more rounded profile.

 Are you interested?  If so please contact the council clerk over the next month.