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Monday, August 20, 2018

What is a Community Budget?

Community Budgets

What is a Community Budget?

A Community Budget gives local public service partners the freedom to work together to redesign services around the needs of citizens, improving outcomes, reducing duplication and waste and and so saving significant sums of public money.

Too often a resident's experience of local public services is one of frustration at the complexity, fragmentation and difficulty finding a way through the bureaucracy. In too many places inequalities in access to good services have left our society less fair, exacerbated by control from Whitehall that has created uncoordinated, inefficient and unnecessarily expensive public service silos. Delivering excellent, joined up, services to people must be our goal. The Community Budget approach is a powerful new way to address this.

A successful Community Budget will be able to deliver a better service to residents because it can:

·         make better use of its resources, including pooling the budgets of all agencies where it is effective to do so, including local knowledge, community assets and voluntary effort

·         remove central rules and regulations so local professionals can deliver better services by redesigning them so delivery is more effective for residents

·         give people greater control over their local public services

·         establish appropriate local partnership and governance arrangements to create a unified approach that suits their area.

The Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles, Minister for Communities and Local Government