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Sunday, August 19, 2018

DTC Minutes of the Meeting - May 9th 2016

May 03 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of Dulverton Town Council held on Monday 9th May 2016, in the Town Hall, Dulverton, commencing at 7.00pm.

Present: Chairman/Mayor: Mr Nick Thwaites; Councillors: Mrs Judy Ernest; Mrs Christine Dubery; Mr Steve Ford; Mr Gerry Lewis; Mrs Louise Parrish; Mr Bruce Heywood (W.S.C.), Mrs Frances Nicholson (S.C.C.), who left at 7.30pm and one member of the public.

Deferment of Business for Comment by the Public:

Ms Zoe Williams - Dulverton by Starlight: Members were informed that a pro-active team to organise the event has been established but require assistance from the wider community, including the Town Council, local Churches, community groups and clubs. It was requested that a member of the Town Council is elected to represent the authority on the Dulverton Starlight Committee to ensure cohesion and retain a line of communication. Furthermore, the Mayor was invited to open the event.

The Committee are hoping that the event will be mostly self funded however are aware that grants and donations will be required to meet increasing costs. Funds will be raised throughout the year and sponsorship sought.

Apologies for absence and acceptance of any reasons offered if agreed:

Cllrs: Mrs Margaret Rawle who is on holiday.

         Mr Mike Willison who is ill.

Declarations of Interest:

Cllr. Nick Thwaites with regards his position as District Council Councillor

Cllr. Dubery with regards the Farmers Market and Dulverton by Starlight

Cllr. Ford with regards his position as a member of the P.C.C. and Church Warden.

Chairman’s Comments & Meeting Management:

The Chairman informed members that Councillor Rawle had attended, as a representative from this Council, the memorial service held for Mr Mike Balsom, a past Chairman and member of this Council.

A card expressing the sympathy of members and staff has been sent to Mrs Balsom.

Item 13 is to be brought forward to Item 11.


Questions for County and District Councillors:

Cllr. Francis Nicholson (S.C.C.):

Monmouth Terrace: There still exist problems regarding the sourcing of the correct stone to be used. Cllr. Nicholson is pursuing the issue with Cllr. David Fotherill (S.C.C. Cabinet Members for Highways and Transport).

Street Lights: It was reported that several of the lights are now on continuously. Members were asked to report the problems through the normal channels.

Brushford Proposed Road Works: Cllr. Nicholson commented that she is well aware of the problems that would result with regards caravan access to the Caravan Park in Dulverton should the road be closed for necessary work to be undertaken. She enquired therefore as to when, should a full closure be necessary, would be the best time to implement it. Members suggested that October onwards would be preferable, avoiding the autumn half term.

Implementation of the 20mph Speed Restriction: The proposal is ongoing. Cllr. Nicholson is hopeful that the matter may be resolved by the autumn. Only one extra sign will be required and there will be no need to install physical traffic calming measures as natural ones already exist.


Cllrs. Bruce Heywood and Nick Thwaites (W.S.C.):

Kemps Way Pot Holes: The pot holes are increasing in size. The matter has been reported to W.S.C. It was suggested however that the Clerk send a letter concerning members concerns regarding public safety, particularly with regards the footfall emanating from the Caravan Park; compounded by the lack of lighting.

Lion Car Park Public Toilets: Recent mechanical failures with regards the locks have been reported to W.S.C.

DTC are currently waiting for the relevant form with regards a formal request for a transfer of the asset.

Weir & Leat: Wood debris is still present, which will undoubtedly create further problems if a flash food occurs. Cllr. Thwaites agreed to pursue the issue with W.S.C.

Minutes of the meeting held on 11th April 2016 as circulated: were approved. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.

6038 Update of action points resulting from the last meeting:

6027: Farmers Market:

The event held on 30th April 2016 was considered very successful, the weather having been good and no negative feedback received from stall holders. Eighteen stalls were available, and it is anticipated that there will be the same number at the next event.

The Chairman congratulated the members of the Farmers Market Organisation Committee.

6033: South West Water Sewage Pump Noise Pollution:

The Clerk reported to members that Mr Jack Klar, Customer Manager, South West Water had replied to members concerns by confirming that the blowers and pumps would not be replaced, and that the STW is working properly. However proposals are being considered to enclose the blowers in a shed or similar construction to further reduce the noise.

In the event that residents experience any noise or further issues they should contact the 24 Hour Helpline on 0344 346 2020

Members wish to accept the invitation of a site meeting with representatives from South West Water.

6039 Accounts:

Request for approval:    

   Lynx Copiers                        Monthly Service Charge                                         £21.52

     BNP Paribus                         Rent of Photocopier 30/04 – 30/07                         £81.00                    

     Kier Recycling                     Green Waste Disposal                                           £124.67

     HM Revenue & Customs     ¼ rly Tax & N.I.                                                   £343.81

     Mr J Kenwood                     Churchyard Maintenance, Feb& March 2016       £333.34

     Dul. Club & Rdg. Room         Office Rent, 01/04- 30/06                                   £500.00

     B.T.                                       Internet Charges                                                     £59.40

     Somerset County Council     Processing Enforcement Charges–                     £1,331.88

                                                   (1/1/15 -30/09/15)                                            

     Salaries & Expenses             April 2016                                                          £1,442.18

     Parish Lengthsman               April 2016 Wages & Expenses                             £528.93

RESOLVED: That the accounts are approved. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.


   The Financial Statement was also presented and approved, however, it was noted that the decision to underwrite the Farmers Market at £4,000 was not noted. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.

6040 Committees:

Minutes submitted for approval:

Planning Committee Meeting – 19th April 2016 and 3rd May 2016.

RESOLVED: To adopt as part of this meeting the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 19th April 2016 and 3rd May 2016. Proposed by Mrs Parrish, seconded by Mr Lewis and carried.    

Legal & Finance Committee Meeting – 26th April 2016.

     RESOLVED: To adopt as part of this meeting the minutes of the Policy and Procedure Committee meeting held on 26th April 2016. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.    

Grounds Committee Meeting – 3rd May 2016.

 RESOLVED: To adopt as part of this meeting the minutes of the Grounds Committee meeting held on 3rd May 2016. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Parrish and carried.    

     Rat Infestation:

The Clerk informed members that the bins would be sited in the main part of the Town and would be inspected at least once in a 30 day period.

Members asked the Clerk to accept Mr Hutton’s offer to come and meet with members to explain the existing legislation and demonstrate the benefits of having discreet pest control in public areas.

     RESOLVED: To purchase 10 bins at a cost of £175 + VAT per bin. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Ms Fleming and carried.

     Cemetery: Cllr. Fleming informed members that he had met with Mr & Mrs Ansell and agreed that a yew tree is to be purchased by Mr & Mrs Ansell and planted at the site proposed by members. The labour costs as well as future maintenance costs are to be met by the Town Council. It is to be confirmed as to what age the yew tree should be when purchased.

     Cllr. Fleming reported that he has sourced a company to strip and powder coat the gates. The costs of which are yet to be ascertained.

6041 Internal & External Audit – Year Ending 31st March 2016:

   To approve:

  1. Receipts & Payments Summary for Year Ending 31st March 2016
  2. Statement of Accounts for Year Ending 31st March 2016

RESOLVED: To approve the Receipts & Payments Summary for Year Ending. Proposed by Mr Thwaites, seconded by Mr Fleming and carried.  

RESOLVED: To approve the Statement of Accounts for Year Ending. Proposed by Mr Fleming, seconded by Mrs Dubery and carried.  


  1. Annual Governance Statement for Year Ending 31st March 2016

RESOLVED: To approve the Annual Governance Statement Year Ending. Proposed by Mrs Ernest, seconded by Mr Lewis and carried.  

6042 Annual Insurance Renewal:

Members were informed that an insurance renewal premium, (to include the new grounds machinery) amounts to £799.99. To enter into a three year Long Term Agreement would reduce the premium to £759.98.

RESOLVED: To enter into a three year Long Term Agreement, the annual premium amounting to £759.98. Proposed by Mr Lewis, seconded by Mrs Dubery                               and carried.  

6043 Co-Option of a New Member:

The Clerk read to members the letter of resignation received from Mrs Liz Schofield.

Members were informed that the councillor vacancy had been advertised and an invitation extended to electors to request an election by 20th May 2016.

If an election is not requested members will be able to co-opt at the meeting scheduled for 13th June 2016.

     6044 Dulverton by Starlight:

Following lengthy discussion members agreed that the balance with regards the provision of funds needed to be addressed in support of the local traders (bearing in mind the resolution to underwrite the Farmers Market), and that DTC should be seen to be positively supporting the event.

The Chairman confirmed that he was happy to accept the invitation to open the event.

Furthermore, it was suggested that DTC consider funding the full cost of the two main Christmas trees erected in the Town as well as any replacement lights. This proposal is to be resolved at the next meeting once the costs are ascertained.

RESOLVED: To appoint Mr Thwaites as the DTC representative on the Dulverton by Starlight Committee. Proposed by Mrs Dubery, seconded by Mrs Ernest and carried.

   6045 Eat Dirt on Exmoor Cycle Event:

Mr Robin Nicolls, Head of Fundraising, Calvert Trust Exmoor, requested the opportunity to meet with members to discuss feedback regarding the event above and consider what could be improved with regards the planning and organisation for any future event of this type.

He has subsequently been invited to attend the next meeting scheduled for 13th June 2016.

   6046 All Saints Church - North Wall:

The north wall, which is in a state of collapse, is owned, according to the P.C.C. by the Church.

Cllr. Lewis strongly advised that claims of ownership should not be accepted without absolute proof. Furthermore, in the event that it is confirmed that the Church do own the wall, it will be necessary to enquire as to whether the Church Insurance covers the cost of replacing the wall, which has fallen due to general wear and tear.

6047 Late Correspondence:

Correspondence noted by members.

S.C.C. Road Safety Team – Route 60 & Senior Driver Representation: Members wish to accept the offer of a Presentation & Workshop available for residents and designed to help drivers keep driving for as long as possible and address any road safety or driving concerns. Cllr. Dubery agreed to investigate further.


6048 Questions for Members who have attended additional meetings:None

6049 Issues to be raised with permission of the Chairman:

Fly Tipping: The Clerk as requested to write to the proprietor of The Tantivy and request that rubbish is not left for collection at the entrance of the Lion Car Park at any time.

All Saints Church Fete: Members were informed that the Church Fete is to be held bi-annually from now on, due to the diminishing amount of volunteer help with regards the organisation.

Dulverton Junior School: There exist proposals to update the facilities regarding the swimming pool to be able to provide changing rooms and toilets. It will continue to be used as a community facility.

The estimated costs amount to £16,000. However, the process is in the early stages and this amount may be revised. DTC is requested to consider a financial contribution.

To be placed on the agenda for the meeting scheduled on 13th June 2016.

DTC Housing Policy: Cllr. Ford suggested that DTC should implement a policy with regards housing requirements in Dulverton. Following lengthy discussion the Clerk was requested to obtain a copy of the ‘Dulverton Parish Housing Needs Survey’ carried out by Mr Colin Savage.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chairman …………………………………………….