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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Town Council: Town Clerk

The role of the Town Clerk


The clerk is an employee of the council and the clerks duties include the full responsibility for the administration of the council's affairs.


* Attending all meetings.
* Keeping minute books
* Handling the councils finances.
* Book-keeping and accounts.
* Maintaining records concerning burials etc.
* Receiving and retaining any documents as required by legislation.

As you can see the clerks role is not that of a secretarial employee or typist, but that of a hands on administrator. The Town council creates policy and makes decisions and the clerk administers them

For local government to work effectively there has to be a partnership between the chairman and the clerk. This relationship is crucial and both parties need to understand the others role. The chairman needs to realise that his role and powers are constrained by standing orders and by the fact that it is the council and not he who is the clerks employer.

The clerk also has to remember that she is employed by the council and owes her allegiance to each and every member collectively. She has to carry through adequately decisions properly arrived at even if they are decisions she would not have made. A clerk must be ready to accept changes in practice and be prepared to execute all lawful requests.

A truly good council is an active, effective resourceful council, quietly administered by the clerk whilst the members press on with the local public issues.

Town Clerk
Ms Mandy Rose, the Town Clerk of Dulverton Town Council.

Such is the huge workload that is placed on the Town Clerk an assistant to the Clerk has been appointed.

Sylvia, is Mandy's more than able bodied assistant.