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Tuesday, August 21, 2018



Dulverton Town Council is currently responsible for the maintenance of:

  • Kings Corner Recreation Ground


  • Barnsclose Recreation Ground


  • Dulverton Cemetery



  • Abbots Way


  • Abbots Way Pond


  • All Saints Churchyard


  • War Memorial


The Parish Lengthsman Scheme

Have you noticed how tidy the Town has looked over the past 2 years? This is a direct result of the worked carried out by the Parish Lengthsman who carries out duties as directed by the community through the members of this Council. Many of the jobs are the responsibility of both Somerset County Council and West Somerset Council, who have both contributed to the scheme in the past.

Eleven parishes situated on Exmoor are involved. All have submitted very  positive reports on the success of the scheme which has improved the environment for both residents and visitors.

Despite attempts by Dulverton Town Council, both Somerset Council and West Somerset Council have withdraw all funding from 2016, however some parishes have realised the benefits of the scheme and are continuing fund the Lengthsman themselves out of the precept raised by their parishes.


Yet another example of how the proposed cuts will effect your life and environment and how short sighted these decisions would appear to be.