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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Abbots Way

Abbots Way And Abbots Way Pond

This Council has now taken over the maintenance of the path from the Rights of Way Group, Somerset County Council from June 2007.

The path was created some while ago to link the then new housing estate known as the Barns Close and Amory Road Estate and the town centre. Since then, several new roads and schools have been added which has added to the use of this footpath, requiring a better standard of maintenance.

We are aware that there are several issues which need addressing, lighting, lack of dog litter bins and overhead foliage being some of them.

This Council bought the old pond that lies half way between the Town and Fishers Mead, with a view to improving this rather neglected watering hole of a long gone age. We have since rebuilt the surrounding wall, installed new silt traps, dredged the rubbish, refilled with clean stone and landscaped the surrounds, thus making a new and pleasant facility for the benefit of Dulverton.

We have laid a short path inside the pond fence and install a seat for the enjoyment of all walking this lovely path to the town. We hope that taking on the maintenance, the standard of cleanliness will improve in the future.