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Monday, August 20, 2018

Dulverton Town Council responsibilities

The responsibilities of this Town Council include the management and maintenance of a cemetery, two play areas, a sports field and the supervision of three car parks from which it is able to derive some income. Income is also obtained by issuing a precept each year to the District Council stating its budget requirements for the forthcoming financial year.

We are empowered to make grants to voluntary bodies where in the councils opinion, the grant would benefit any part of the community or the inhabitants.

It is also notified in writing of every planning application in the area and given the opportunity to make representations to the E.N.P.A. and W.S.C. planning authorites.

Committees are appointed to discharge most of these functions at the annual general meeting.

There are many current issues which the council is concerned with including environmental and historical preservation, road safety, public transport and crime.