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After several years Dulverton Town Council (DTC) have decided that it is time for a new look to our web site.  A new image and a new approach to providing the content.

On this new site DTC wanted the emphasis to be on Dulverton the town, with shops, businesses, services etc and the council present as parts of a whole community.

This is a site which when complete will be full of information for visitors and residents alike.

All of the details of DTC business are contained here, members, minutes, accounts and statutory documentation but as a part, not as the main element.

The DTC section is complete, this was necessary as a legal requirement.  The rest of the site will be filled in over the next few weeks, some parts already have content.  There are samples of the design we would like to suggest in both the "Eating Out" and "Business" sections.  We hope you will like them but we are anxious to have your feedback and are happy to make changes, these are your businesses and the presentation needs to have your agreement.

If you have any comments, errata, constructive criticism or if you wish to be added/removed or have your entry amended please e-mail:

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